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Teach you how to choose headphones

?First of all, we have to know that we use the headset to listen to the use of some people have not considered this issue, always think this is a must, buy it to buy it, it is certainly a loss, see a lot The type and model when the back to panic. A lot of people certainly want a headset to conquer the world, how can be used, but at least the problem is basically all the headphones have their most important function, of course, is not completely can not take into account other uses, but perhaps not like Its main function as comfortable. For example, we use the main audio and video headphones to listen to music, certainly can not achieve the best ideal state. beats solo In fact most people know that they need to buy headphones to do, such as people who often listen to music need to specifically for the introduction of music headphones, and audio and video users can consider video headphones and game headphones, regular voice chat for people Talking sound quality of the headset. The current headset product category is relatively clear, for each kind of crowd, choose the appropriate category seems not difficult.

Not only we need to consider wearing the style, we also need to consider what we often use the sound source is what, because many of the parameters of the headset directly determine what kind of audio it to listen to, although many people do not understand and the relationship is not large, but After understanding for the choice of a more suitable for their own headphones is helpful. Impedance, sensitivity is the two important concepts of headphones, low impedance and high sensitivity easier to drive, beats earbuds portable phone source can listen, and the higher the impedance, the lower the beats by dre sensitivity is more suitable for a larger thrust with the front to listen. Do not fever friends Perhaps most of the use of portable phones and their own computer to enjoy the sound source, then try to buy a portable style or easy to drive the style, that is, low-impedance and high sensitivity of the headset, we can pay attention when buying headphones Take these two parameters. The high impedance, low sensitivity beats by dre studio of the headphones are mostly music enthusiasts favorite, although the need for a dedicated front-end to drive, but these headphones are often high quality, sound control in the performance of a lot stronger, but the price is more expensive.