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Teach you how to distinguish the sound quality of Bluetooth speakers

"Sound quality" of the term, the general general explanation is the quality of the sound. However, in the audio technology it contains three aspects: 1, the sound of the pitch, that is, the intensity and amplitude of the audio; 2, the tone of the sound, that is, the frequency of audio or the number of changes Beats By Dre Sale per second; 3, , That is, audio overtone or harmonic components. Judgment of an audio product sound quality is good or bad, mainly to measure the sound of the three aspects of whether to achieve a certain level. Is the voice of the violin sound sharp and harsh? Whether you have any experience in playing the violin, I will tell you, will not. Do not believe you can go to the restaurant in the restaurant, listen to where there are often violin, piano, cello playing, see them will not harsh? I promise not. The sound of the human voice will be harsh? Absolutely not! But why the store put the soprano or tenor will tear the feeling of the ear? That is the distortion of the people! So strong so beautiful, how could the harsh Do not have to control how others say, as long as the human beats solo voice will be harsh is wrong. The voices and the violin can not harsh, other cello, flute, tube brass, etc. will be harsh? Of course not! So, you have to be confident that: not right, they are too harsh!

The sound is not open, always crowded into a group, not enough wide open, these are the performance of voice shrink. If you go to the concert hall to listen to the concert, the orchestra playing the voice shrink in the stage which can not pass out, such a concert hall design right? Of course not! The same reason, the sound of speakers and amplification machine function is to send the music Every corner of the room. If you hear the sound on the speaker inside the transmission can not come out, or the sound is always crowded in the two speakers inside the open, do not doubt, there must be a problem. The problematic sound of course does not buy. Have you ever heard that someone who plays music is dead and alive, and if there is such a performer or band, there is no record company that will invite them to record. The music that can be recorded is sure to be full of life and full of life. Whether he is playing on the board, or they are whispering in the ensemble, the music must be full of strength and tension, the music will be active in the pulse rather than dead. If you hear the sound has been lively, tight, so, so that the sound must not buy, they must be where the problem. You have the power to buy sound full of living, sounds comfortable sound equipment. As for why the sound will die? You do not have to worry about this, these questions left to the store to study just fine. Sound sweet like red bean soup or mung bean soup as sweet? Like ice cream as sweet? Of course not! The so-called sound sweet refers to the string, that is the kind Cheap Beats By Dre of water that shiny kind of! In the beats headphones sweet, if you hear the voice is Sese, dry, and that is wrong. In fact, the human voice is the same, if it sounds dry broken, then absolutely do not buy.

Voice thin that the frequency band and the low frequency of the sense is not enough, so lose balance. It seems like a thin bamboo pole, this is wrong. Really good voice should be full, full of gas. Whether it is IF or low frequency must be full and full, rather than empty and thin. If the sound of thin that also sound is very thin, can not hear a lot of details should be or overtones sound. In short, no matter what the instrument, they issued the sound should be like a

The individual is full of food (of course not the full name of the brain full of fat) is very healthy look fishes. Tight voice to listen to a long time will make people nervous, loose voice listen for a long time to let people relax. Really good voice should be soft and soft with vitality. Please note that what I am talking about is not loosely loose like a sponge. But as the spring will be slow to play on the kind of loose shells. If the sound hard and hard is not flexible or loose no power is also wrong.

As long as you can remember the above I said three wrong three formulas, no matter where you go, casually listen to what CD, you can confidently tell yourself: this voice is wrong, I want to choose the other. In this way, you do not have to find experts, do not have to envy other people's gold ears. In fact, you are the music performance prevail, to listen to the experts.