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Teaching: What kind of headphones are used in different scenes?

The industry has specialized in, this sentence seemingly ordinary but in real life but can see the truth everywhere, maybe you will think to buy a headset to pick big names and word of mouth products on it, but the truth is that when you use the scene is wrong , May no matter how good the performance of his headset another hundred, a few thousand dollars of the product, so for the headset you really choose it? Teaching: What kind of headphones are used in different scenes? For you who love to listen to pop music, the most natural to listen to is the outstanding singer who singer, but not every headphone is "Vibrator" such preferences , And this time naturally need to choose a flagship vocal earplugs in order to meet Beats By Dre Cheap your love of popular music "hobby." For gamers, to ensure a strong sense of excitement and presence is the most important, so their choice lies mainly in two points, first, good sound insulation, do not want to let any noise from the outside world to my game process, the first Two are accurate sound positioning, special sound effects have to strengthen the effect, which is why the game headset separate out the reason.

There are still such a group of people who love sports in life, maybe you are one of them. For sports, you should listen to the rhythm at this moment, the sound quality is almost the beats by dre studio same, the best is light, not too heavy , No line is the best, to avoid any stethoscope effect to, no line is to life to force, if you are on the roadside movement, noise can not be too good, for safety reasons. But there is always such a group of people in this world. What we call the appearance association, the requirements are very Beats By Dre On Sale simple, the design can not be too rigid, and the appearance of the color and personality of the trend can contribute to keep returning. It is as simple as that. Bright eye-catching color is famous, out of the street keep returning rate naturally needless to say, especially for exaggerated sister, plus the blessing of Apple's brand aura to meet your inner show off mental nature clueless, which is particularly suitable for appearance Association, if you give Beats Headphones Cheap" href="/">Beats Headphones Cheap a tens of thousands of black slipping plug, it is estimated that an hour later to be eaten ash. With the above mentioned several scenarios, now know why it is not expensive, it must be the most suitable, right, a small headset has so much stress, no matter how good the music headphones can have 7.1 audio? Now if you want to chop hand seems to be a good choice, after all, double 11 is coming, you can look at preferential policies Oh.