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The basic criteria for the formation of audio space in sound technology

Every sound space is like every person, will have its different sound characteristics. People because of the structure of the vocal cords, abdominal cavity of the different resonance and produce a different voice. Similarly, each audio space will be because of the different size of space, proportions, interior decoration and have their own unique sound characteristics. In other words, there are very few people who sound the same sounds: the same, and rarely have two sound space sounds sound the same. So even the same audio equipment, in different audio space, will produce different sound characteristics. Successful sound space will create a charming voice charm. Here we introduce the sound technology in the formation of audio space 12 criteria. First, the soft space is more suitable for listening to music floor, beats by dre ceiling, walls using plywood, gypsum board or wood nail into the space is soft and space, reinforced concrete or brick space called hard room. At present, most of China's living environment are hard-tuning space, because the hard-tuning space can not properly absorb the extra treble and bass, resulting in listening to music when the treble is too harsh or bass is too dull shortcomings. Although the soft tone space may also be bass absorption over the bass is not enough solid shortcomings, but the practice has proved that the soft space is still more suitable for listening to music. Second, the reflection, absorption and diffusion of the three use of careful deployment of reflection, absorption and diffusion of sound waves, the purpose is to get warm, full, soft, rich, clear, transparent sound. Third, the larger space than the small space of large space larger, the sound emitted by the speaker by the border (six walls) distorted less, the sound is more correct. In large space, if the appropriate deployment, the sound will be more relaxed, uniform and correct, and low-frequency dive deeper. As for the standing wave, although the large space can not be completely avoided, but the degree of harm is relatively low. Fourth, the equipment with appropriate for each audio space will have their own voice characteristics. These sound features need to match the appropriate speakers, in order to play the effect of safflower green leaves. The better the layout of the audio space, the wider the range. Conversely, if the audio space is not ideal, you can only find a small number of equipment to adapt to such a biased space. Space size is different, with the speakers are also different. In a small space with a large speaker or large space with a small speaker will be futile. It depends on a wealth of experience to achieve excellent results. 5, rational enthusiasts should be reduced to a lower level

Each enthusiast will inevitably because of long-term in their own audio space, and produce their own listening habits and preferences, and these habits and preferences as a benchmark to judge other people's audio space and listening habits, preferences, it is easy to make negative comments on others The Therefore, when hearing a different voice performance, first of all do not make any exclusive comments, but should try to find the advantages of other people's sound effects. Sixth, try to harden the space into a soft space If you want to change the space into a soft tone space, you can first transform the four walls. For example, with gypsum board nail into a mezzanine, covered with glass fiber cotton. This will not reduce the number of sandwich space, but also can improve the sound insulation effect. The reason for using gypsum board or splint is because the thin plywood or wood core board is easy to absorb the midrange, and the gypsum board due to the heavier, the absorption of the bass more, the negative impact on listening to music less. In addition, gypsum board is a fireproof material, used to make the sandwich is relatively safe.

Seven, the second part of the diffuser is very easy to use diffusion is the sound emitted from the speaker no matter from where the injection, will be evenly reflected in all directions. The general acoustic reflection is usually directional. Theoretically, as long as the length of the reflecting surface is greater than the wavelength of the acoustic wave, all the sound waves whose wavelength is shorter than the reflecting surface will be reflected in a certain direction. The sound space needs to be diffused rather than directed. Because the diffusion will make the indoor sound waves more uniform, and directional reflection will only have Cheap Beats By Dre a local impact. Eight, the audio sound of the sound effect should be based on live music for the standard sound space sound effect of the standard is not, but multiple. The standard of sound effects is based on the performance of live music. Live music sound effects are not, but multiple. In the case of classical music, there are many outstanding concert halls in the world, each of which has different sound characteristics. Some warm, some full, some clarity and transparency, and some low-frequency rich, and some sound surrounded by a good sense of the sound of these concert hall have their own strengths. The sound characteristics of the recording site, the sound characteristics of the recording equipment, the sound characteristics of the replay equipment, and the sound characteristics of the audio space, the enthusiasts can only take the performance of live music, and is the multiple standard. Nine, standing wave should only take the wave is the phenomenon of space resonance, as long as the distance between two pairs of parallel wall is equal to half the wavelength of the integer multiple, there will be resonance, resulting in standing waves. If the three parallel walls of the space generated by the standing wave frequency overlap, it will form a stronger standing wave. Standing waves are not only a single frequency, the frequency range is very wide, people can not use some kind of measure to accurately "offset" it. At the same time, the standing wave energy is very strong, usually higher than the sound pressure of normal music is much higher decibel, so can not use "fine tune" the tone of the secret technology to deal with. The better way to deal with standing waves is to use the speaker position and change the way to listen to the way to avoid. "

10, the space for surface treatment of the audio space from hard to soft tone, and then should be in accordance with the "before the hard, in the suction, after the proliferation of" method for surface treatment. The so-called "front hard" refers to the front of the room (between the rear wall of the speaker and the speaker) try not to add absorbent material, or must increase the output power of the amplifier will make the sound solid. If the amplifier output power is not large, the speaker is not great, it is recommended not to gypsum board after the wall. The so-called "suck", is the speaker and the listening position between the two sides of the wall for sound-absorbing surface treatment. The purpose is to weaken a reflex, improve the positioning and clarity, to avoid the sound too bright too harsh. "Suck" practice a lot of cheaper and effective material is fiberglass cotton. To 5 cm thick, 20 kg per cubic meter of glass fiber cotton, for example, it is more than 500 Hz frequency up to 85% of the sound absorption rate. You can wrap the glass fiber cotton (do not be exposed), for the shape of the image frame, a very Beats Headphones Cheap good effect on both sides of the wall once reflected sound absorption body.

The so-called "post-spread" is to listen to the location of the back of the wall area of ??the proliferation of treatment. The correct way is in the back of the wall of the two corners of the two pieces of the diffuser plate, the back of the wall and then put a piece of diffusion plate to play a real diffusion effect. When the sound waves are uniformly diffused, the acoustic reflections heard in the listening area are averaged, and the listening position will not be limited to the "emperor bit", but will also significantly improve the sound quality, tone and layering, depth and so on. 11, space decoration techniques Indoor items will produce absorption and reflection of sound waves, from the natural adjustment of the role of reverberation. The heavier the weight of the items in the low or low frequency absorption, and sometimes can reduce the impact of low standing wave. The surface of multi-fiber, porous soft items have a strong absorption of high frequency, such as the surface of couch sofa, carpet thick velvet and so on. It is worth noting that the sound space within the various home is better do not have glass doors. 12, the second residual diffuser has a special diffusion characteristic. If the center frequency is used as a reference, its diffusion limit can be extended down to about half the frequency below the center frequency (if the center frequency is 1000 Hz, the half frequency For 750 Hz), the upper limit can be up to N-1 times the center frequency. Assuming that the center frequency is 1000 Hz, the step of the secondary diffuser is 7, the upper limit of the diffusion range is about 6000 Hz.