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The difference beats earphones between speakers and speakers how to buy

Now people are watching movies or playing games are not just about the visual effects, people began to have the pursuit of hearing effects, listening to music is even more attention to sound effects. A good speaker is the first step towards good sound quality. Speaker how to buy? What are the types of speakers? Speaker how beats by dre to use and maintenance? Let's take a look together. All kinds of speakers on the market, but no matter what kind of speaker unit by the speaker unit (speaker) and cabinet the two most basic part, in addition, the vast majority of speakers at least two or more than two The speaker unit implements so-called multi-tapped reproduction, so a divider is also an integral part. Of course, the sound box may also have sound-absorbing cotton, inverted tubes, folded "maze pipes", stiffeners / reinforcing partitions and other components, but these components are not essential for any speaker, the speaker's most basic composition Elements only three parts: speaker beats earbuds unit, box and divider.

The speaker is the terminal of the entire sound system, its role is to convert audio power to the corresponding sound energy, and radiate it into space.

It is an extremely important part of the sound system because it carries the crucial task of converting an electrical signal into an acoustic signal for the human ear to listen directly to human hearing which is very sensitive, And the sound of complex sounds with a strong ability to distinguish. 1. According to the occasion to use points: divided into professional speakers and home speakers two categories.

2. According beats earbuds to the playback frequency points: can be divided into full-band speakers, subwoofer and subwoofer.

3. According to the use of points: Generally can be divided into the main playback speaker. Monitor speakers and return speakers and so on.

4. According to the structure of the box to points: can be divided into sealed speakers, inverted speakers, labyrinthine speakers, sonic tube speakers and multi-cavity resonant speakers.