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The function of the headphone amplifier matches the system

For the role of headphone amplifier, there are many errors, a lot of people out of the whole system and the specific headset to discuss the role of the amp, the prevalence of two extreme views: First, the ampeless useless, the second is the whistler. Is not as long as the sound source is ringing, do not need headphone amplifier? Amp is not able to decay for the magic?

The following combination of headphone system as a whole, said the role of headphone amplifier.

First, the headset system Speaker system has a lot of common places, from the perspective of the entire system to consider the problem, to seize the weakest link in order to use the smallest investment to get the maximum improvement. Many users use the source level is not high, in this premise, the role of the amp will be significantly reduced. The so-called clever and difficult to cook without rice, before I stressed the importance of many sources, civilian sound card and Walkman and entry-level desktop CD gap is also great. Sound card and Walkman + amp with the mix for whatever reason, I think that can only be a temporary transition measures, the sound source is not on the overall effect of the grade will not be on the steps. Say what kind of headphones need to put on the ear, some people are always very general put the amp or useful or useless point of view, in fact, different headphones on the wharf requirements vary widely. For low-end headphones, most of them do not need amp, direct use of Walkman, sound card to get, typical such as: PX200, 100, DT231, KOSS35 / PP / SP, SR60 / 80, K240S K66 AD7 / AD5, The quality of these headphones is limited, although with the machine and the amp also have a certain upgrade, but little significance.

"Need to amp" headphones are mostly in the high-end, such as K501 / K240M / 240DF / K1000 / HD600 / HD580 / DT831 / DT931, etc., to HD600, for example, is well-known for the high requirements of the headset, high frequency , The extension is good, the front of the sound source and the amp or even CD disc problems will be undoubtedly undoubtedly, while its low frequency has the shortcomings of fat slow, must be controlled by the oars, so that low-frequency layering and flexibility to play out, To do these two points is not a simple thing. Sound card and Walkman and CD player, the amplifier comes with the headphone output is actually a simple amp, the first two by the sound source itself can not have any good performance (sound card refers to the civilian sound card), CD machine headphone output Is also attached to the function, I have heard the million-level products can not push the HD600, the most obvious low-frequency problem, which does not need any gold ear, as long as the field is not mud ears can be heard. I have mentioned this issue many times, no longer elaborate.

Another headset on the wharf requirements are not high, such as DT831, and some sound card can also be introduced like a look, but even if this type of headset with the amp can be able to fully play his character. Second, the sensitivity of the sound of different people, the natural requirements of different equipment, we can not take a small part of the hearing is not sensitive to the standard to promote, this part of the people actually very happy, you can use very little to be satisfied, We will not discriminate against them, but not to their point of view as a standard to look at HIFI equipment, in fact, so many people actually listening experience has told us the importance of the whole system placed in the system, it does not need any "gold ear ", Without this experience or can not hear now, may wish to slowly develop, looking for opportunities to listen to better with the next effect, the sensitivity of listening can be gradually improved. Or that sentence, need to need to listen to the system, to see the headset, with desktop CD + amp even listen to the MX500 can hear more than the direct use of the sound card has been significantly improved, but we never recommend to friends so With the system configuration is unreasonable, the same if you have a high-end headphones, and not with the amp, it is a waste of headset resources, there is no effective play, the system is also unreasonable.

Three, not an amp can be applied to all headphones, ear to do 100% without distortion and tone is impossible, only as close as possible to this goal, the more close to pay the higher the price, and the headset is not true Frequency response is completely straight without distortion, which also has a different style of headphones, which in turn meet the different preferences of people, so in the premise of how to make the headphones to give full play to his features and some make up for its shortcomings An important function of the amp. For example, A250, very good push, then the sound card is also very loud, but the high-frequency comparison of hair, intolerable, I have done six DIY ear put the A250 test (see the essence version), SXT-1 with Better than the other ears, much better than the sound card.

Artist some point of view is correct: a bad reed is not as good as not, more than a source of pollution, will deteriorate the sound quality. Such as part of the combination of audio and amplifier headphone output (are considered built-in amp), most of the volume is not sound quality, can only temporarily meet the "ring" requirements.

Four, the amp is the fidelity in the "amplification" under the premise of the fidelity, or not called the headset "amplifier", without this amplification, a lot of headphones in the "eat" conditions of work, so it will affect its Play. Not the ear to create a voice.

The effect of the amp is not to "improve the sound quality", but to the headset in the full drive to show its true sound. I said sound card + HD600 is HD600 play 4 into the beats solo standard, with an entry-level CD + 1000 yuan level amp, there may be 8 into the level, think of 95%? The price will go somersault.