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The importance of listening to speakers and listening to headphones

Monitor speakers and monitor headphones are an indispensable part of music production and recording. First listen to speakers and headphones are the most important parts of arranger, recording and mixing. Why do you say that? In addition to the music melody, harmony and other factors, in the arrangement, recording and mixing in a variety of sound volume and frequency of the balance determines the success or failure of the final work, if the monitor speakers or headphones in some frequency is missing, Some parts can not hear, or hear the voice of distortion. For example, listen to speakers below 60Hz frequency band is not, then how do you judge your BASS and the bottom of the sound of what is it? The result is that the work done is Cheap Beats By Dre either a bass or too much, or a bass is not enough, can not accurately give the volume and frequency balance. Even if only as an arrangement, the sound has become one of the vitality of the work, in order to be different from other people's arranger will have their own sound, if the speaker is used HIFI speakers, in the high frequency above the obvious tone, then Even if you get the mixing in the studio, it is likely that your work will eventually become another work, because the mixer in order to find the best balance may not be on your sub-track on the frequency of large resection The At the same time a good listening system can reflect a lot of ordinary speakers can not show the details, such as voice in the teeth, ventilation or guttural and other details in the ordinary speaker is not easy to hear out of the time The degree of reverberation of the sound in the poor speaker is also impossible to hear out. The headset is the same token, but beats by dre wireless the headset as the left and right ears completely do not cross the sound of the head of the system, and we usually feel the sound in the natural sound and the sense of plane is completely different, so in the arrangement and mixing time may need more And more to the test and understanding, the general mix of the current needs of many versions, more on the Internet MP3 is to be mixed with the headset can be used to simulate the headset hearing plug to deal with. So we are considering to engage in music production system, the monitoring system must pay attention to, if you want to develop in the future, I suggest you the best start with a good monitoring system, not only for your music, Listening to music is also very important to learn, you establish the Cheap Beats By Dr Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dr Dre correct balance of music and the tone of the understanding is a great help.

Speaking of this is, but also to mention the acoustic environment, do not ignore the issue of environmental acoustics, even if your speakers no matter how good, if not consider the listening environment is not objective, of course, if not in our family studio so More than the budget, you can ask the experts, if there is no expert case, Cheap Beats By Dre or do better sound better, or the room is also small and stronger sound absorption better, if there is no way to re-decoration, you can consider some more similar If you have an acoustic test microphone to be able to measure, so there are a few questions about the environment, for your final work is a great help (acoustic test microphone is not very expensive, There are hundreds of pieces, because he only consider straight, do not consider the sound problem, so you can do it cheaper, and in the test when not using the 1Hz frequency response curve, because no environment can be completely straight, 3 times the frequency of measurement, more practical)