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The rise of the smart speaker behind who is playing a role

As a technical branch of artificial intelligence, speech recognition is clearly easier for AI to approach humans. Technology giants choose "speakers" as an entrance, we can see the future of voice recognition will be the focus of human-computer interaction. In the realization of such a consensus, based on voice interaction, tall Beats Headphones Cheap and thin, all kinds of smart speakers are also appropriate to come out in time. With the voice of the ability to interact is the first step to become intelligent, the next step is to beats earphones use voice interaction to complete a variety of beats solo consumer life may encounter the use of the scene, so that the need for smart speakers have more features. As if each smart hardware fire up, there will be some sound in the question, "it will replace the phone," but in fact there is no one intelligent hardware to replace the phone in people's lives in the position. Although a lot of smart hardware has been very popular, but its function at the same time need to rely on mobile phone APP to complete the opening or closing. In the portable degree, although the bracelet small and easy to wear, but the smart speaker than the phone to become bloated a lot. On the other hand, even if the smart speaker in the family environment, after all, we are not always stay at home, in more noisy outdoor environment, the use of smart speakers greatly reduced. So, this means that many people do not like to respect the phone as keen to buy smart speakers.

Summary: Although no beats headphones one can determine the future of smart speakers can go far, but the front of the smart speaker may be the best form of voice interaction. In the development of voice interaction, the smart speaker may not be the only terminal, but must also be indispensable. It can not replace the intelligent machine, but its development and voice interaction, the development of artificial intelligence should be complementary.