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The skin effect of wire

Skin effect (skin effect), also known as skin effect, when the alternating current through the conductor, Beats By Dre Sale the current will focus on the Cheap Beats By Dre conductor surface flow, this phenomenon is called skin effect. Current or voltage when the frequency of the electrons in the conductor conduction, will gather in the conductor surface, rather than the average distribution of the entire conductor in the cross-sectional area. The higher the frequency, the Beats Headphones On Sale" href="/">Beats Headphones On Sale more significant the effect of skin.

?Because when the conductor flows through the alternating current, within the wire will produce the opposite direction of the current electromotive force. Since the center of the conductor is larger than the magnetic flux on the wire surface, the electromotive force generated at the center of the conductor is larger than the electromotive force generated near the surface of the conductor. As a result of this action, the current flows on the surface, the center is no current, the current generated by the current wire itself to make the wire current flow in the surface.

?Skin effect is the term of electromagnetism, eddy current (vortex current). This phenomenon is caused by the power of ferromagnetic material, near the non-power ferromagnetic material, in the non-energized ferromagnetic material surface to produce the opposite direction of the magnetic field, with a magnetic field will produce cutting magnetic field current, the current is the so-called vortex Current, this phenomenon is the skin effect.

In the high-frequency circuit can be used hollow wire instead of solid wire. In addition, in order to weaken the skin effect, in the high-frequency circuit is often used to multi-stranded insulated wire into a bundle to replace the same cross-sectional area of ??the thick wire, this multi-strand wiring known as the braided line. In industrial applications, the use of skin effect on the metal surface hardening.

Taking into account the skin effect of alternating current, in order to effectively use the conductive material and easy to heat, the power plant's large current bus often made of groove or diamond-shaped bus; In addition, in the high-voltage transmission and distribution lines, the use of ACSR instead of Aluminum wire, which not only saves the aluminum wire, but also increase the mechanical strength of the wire, which are the use of the skin effect of this principle.

Skin effect is one of the most basic distortions in the signal line, and it is probably the most likely to be ignored. With the general signal line of exaggerated propaganda, skin effect does not change all the high-frequency signals, cheap beats and will not cause any related kinetic energy loss. On the contrary, the skin effect will be due to the different components of the conductor, in the transmission of high frequency signal when there is a coherent phenomenon. Likewise, on old wire harnesses, the skin effect contributes to the interaction of the signal currents across multiple harnesses, creating a harsh mark for the sound.