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The update about the concept of HiFi field quietly innovation

Most people may think of the desktop CD player, LP player, decoder, the ground placed a huge amplifier, there are huge floor speakers, some people will think of those expensive Of the high-end headphones. This kind of stereotypes come from? Why generations have passed, people "HiFi" understanding seems to be no change? Compared with the progress of video technology, audio technology can be described as slow as snails Even in today 's digital age, our pursuit of ideal high - quality playback is still to vinyl as the goal, and vinyl is the product of the 1940s. This is only one of the slow progress of audio technology, but also Because it is slow, and sometimes was given a layer of mystery, as HiFi metaphysics of the source, and for the ingenuity to provide a very metaphysical meaning of the excuse, of course, slow progress is not equal to complete stagnation, the total is still Some innovation in the quietly cut a striking figure, but can not be accepted by Cheap Beats By Dr Dre the traditional view of the people yet to be observed.For myself, I am very willing to see HiFi field of new technology and products , Although these technologies and products may be dismissed by those who boast old burners, but I think innovation is always a good thing, compared to a pool of stagnant water each other, they are more vitality, contains infinite possibilities for the future I used to think why people talk about the speaker will think of this thing, then asked a lot of ordinary listeners to understand, in fact, they do not care about the speaker unit material, their memory is more of the speaker unit Shape, that is, that cone shape.I Cheap Beats Headphones" href="/">Cheap Beats Headphones am a pondering is indeed possible for this reason.Everyone contact with the speakers are not very high-end, so the use of basins in the subwoofer is more, while other materials such as wool fiber pots, PP Pots, bulletproof basins, etc., the colors are generally black, and the color of the conventional cone, so people will be the shape of the cone as a rough impression on the cone down. I do not mean that the pot is not good , In fact, the pulp of this raw material is very easy to mix with other materials and made of new composite materials, but because of its moisture resistance and other materials compared to slightly worse and is often considered a low term pronoun, but by In its unique taste, there are some Hi-End speakers also devoted to the use of paper pots.

In the subwoofer, in addition to the paper this more traditional material, the above said wool fiber, PP, bulletproof cloth these new materials have been tested, and even Kevlar, aluminum and magnesium metal, glass fiber, ceramic these ordinary people can not think of Materials, but also become the object of the test, while in the field of tweeter, silk, aluminum, beryllium film, titanium film has become common, and B & W let the diamond film into the people's vision.Of course, this diamond non Diamonds, but synthetic diamonds. New materials are carefully tested, and some lucky for the enthusiasts to accept, and some are ruthlessly eliminated.You can still see a lot of traditional HiFi speakers, but the use of new materials HiFi speakers are also slowly appear to provide people with a new choice. Speaker is the case, other HiFi equipment is the same, such as wire, although Beats Headphones On Sale the traditional metal core is still the mainstream, but like carbon fiber such new materials have been invented You can not recognize these new things, but you can not deny the potential they have. To some extent, playing HiFi will be considered a slow life experience, and playing vinyl is to give people like this The impressions. Indeed, To play with vinyl as an example, there are patience to wait on a vinyl system, the temper is also estimated that the disc can not be tuned, record maintenance, and can not choose the song, manually flip, which in today's fast-paced era Out of tune, you can crown the "elegant old life".

CD machine, although more than a remote control, you can just pick the song, set the playback mode, but the plate or have to be manual. This can not be called slow life, while for PC-HiFi, and slow life is My colleague Yu Qiqi once said that the use of computer players to listen to music, will not help to have the urge to switch tracks, complete the album to listen to the time is less and less. Out of the network link, but in my opinion, there is no necessary between the two links.You complain that the existence of the network so that you nowhere to hide, so that your pace of life to speed up, but forget the same is the network So that you enjoy the unprecedented convenience in the Internet age is no need to deliberately escape the network, how to better and more effective use of the network is the focus we should focus.HiFi field of course, can not be isolated from the network, reflected in the specific As the source of the source of the first bear the brunt of the current network streaming media player wave has spread from the global you can not need vinyl discs, do not need CD player, do not need a computer, just a network streaming media player, can Play local or online music files, your tablet or phone can be turned into remote control and media browser, as long as the network streaming media player and mobile devices with a local area network, you can in any part of the room remote control music player And your music files can come from the music service providers on the Internet, but also from the external storage device, or your computer. If you do not understand what is going on for the traditional enthusiasts, to accept this New things seem really a bit difficult, because they may feel that these things look "not so HiFi", there is no one entity - such as records - in front of, always feel strange; and for the age People familiar with the network, just set the network connection of these devices is enough to make them a headache. In fact, we are from the playback sound quality is not necessary for these devices worry about the current bandwidth, the existing broadcast of these high Bit rate music without any problems. Network streaming media player is the lack of the kind of "really have something" real sense, and this heart On the transformation and acceptance is in fact can be slowly cultivated.Now it is not easy to say that the network streaming media player can completely replace the traditional HiFi playback device, but it has undoubtedly become a great potential for the mainstream, which in the relationship between man beats by dre and the network It is entirely possible today and beyond, even if you do not choose to embrace the network, the same will come, so, rather than lament the memory, it is better to keep pace with the times.

The era of the Internet, the acceleration of technology may be faster than the previous few decades.With the slow progress of the HiFi field, the pace of innovation is gradually accelerating.For the HiFi field, this is the worst of times, is also a best time, if The traditional HiFi manufacturers are still rigid, it is likely to face the fate of the industry to re-shuffle, and for the positive transformation of the manufacturers, this is a good time to come from behind, change, or the change is the time to make a choice.