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There are seven ways to control (reduce) the volume of the speakers

We all know that the tube speaker in the twisted more loudly the case will sound better. But unfortunately, whether it is the boss of those small venues or your band's lead singer or even your mother or neighbor aunt, they are not interested in this device - beats earphones for them, these speakers are "loud" The However, now we have a lot of good choices to control the volume of the stage or home speakers. In this article, let's take a look at these devices and methods. Low power speakers. Those small size, low power "lunch box" type of speakers has become popular. Low-power box and integrated speakers in Beats Headphones On Sale the portability and decibels are also very good choice, especially in the small tour. And I recently found that many of the big stage also have a lot of guitarists in the use of this small volume of low-power speakers, I believe this will be the future beats by dr dre trend. Many guitarists have found that using a microphone to pick up low-power speakers and zoom in through the PA system, compared to other types of speakers, the sound will be more "sweet."

speaker. Using multiple speakers can help you get a loud voice, then fewer speakers will also help reduce your stage volume, but need to be careful not to exceed the speaker's wattage level. Although we are not here to discuss how to make the volume bigger, but it also shows that reducing some of the dB will make your stage volume easier to control, a low sensitivity of the speaker is very effective. Total volume adjustment. Many guitarists understand that the principle of total volume is to reduce the signal leading to the power section before, in order to reduce the volume. Adjusting the master volume switch will lower your volume, but since most of the tone output from the speakers comes from the rear section, this process will cause you to lose some timbre effects. But this is not a problem

Attenuator. When you try to reduce the volume of the tube speaker, the volume attenuator will play a very big role. If an attenuator is provided between the speaker output and the speaker box, the attenuator absorbs some output and reduces the volume accordingly. There are many types of attenuators on the market today and most of them also provide some very convenient features, such as drive the line output or slave speakers. Speaking of which, I have to sigh about the guitarist, this is really a great time! We have so many equipment and tools to choose from, so we can easily achieve the adjustment of speakers and other equipment, so that they apply to more occasions.