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These entry-level headphones, so you travel is not lonely

I believe there are a lot of people have a number of headset products, there are in the ear, wearing, each shape more or less determine the positioning of the headset, talking about the story between music and headphones, many people can talk about, although Often do not have the opportunity to become a fever, but often have the opportunity to contact some of the headphones called the product. Music / fitness / games / hear / audio and video, with 40MM ultra-thin diaphragm high-performance speaker unit, high stability polymer diaphragm, with you to listen to the details, feel pure music. Earmuffs and head beams are made of protein material, thicker and Cheap Beats By Dr Dre soft, delicate, such as skin, to the ears to bring wonderful soft and comfortable. Equipped with creative rotation button control, not only elegant appearance and cool control mode, equipped with intelligent CSR chip, at the same time have a stronger compatibility, low latency. Built a 600 mAh battery, charge a power, let you play day and night! Compatible with the vast majority of smart phones, tablet PCs, PC. Belong to you a really hanging ear type of Bluetooth headset, so that you carry a painless comfort all day long. Equipped with two batteries to use, so that beats by dre wireless charging / call correct, so you have to worry about travel. Using microphone microphone noise reduction, make the call more clear; intelligent compatible social APP audio, ISO power display, the distance can be transmitted 10 meters away. This Amy Bluetooth headset simple and generous, cut to the benefits, with volume / cut song keys, battery and host interface, switch machine / answer / hang up key, the battery charging port integrated! But also can quickly match the phone.

Using a matte metal process, the plug with a standard 3.5mm four plugs, after testing can do all the mobile phone products. Ceramic texture of the material, feels very comfortable, wear on the ear is also very fit, there is no need to worry about the fall of the earplugs. As a wire-controlled headphones, its work and control can be said to be perfect. Visually very texture, in the cable is used in a flat design, and in the connection position has a good pull pull design, and anti-wrap and cable distortion are better, is very user-friendly design. At present, the triangle seems to have become a symbol of the avant-garde headphones, and this edge of the cavity was triangular inward transition into a round design is very thought, Cheap Beats By Dr Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dr Dre but the design of this sound with a pioneer A set of interpretation ideas. Earphone line with millet piston headphones like Kevlar fiber, as a body armor clothing material, with strong and tough, more anti-pull pull, effectively extending the service life. Near the end of the wire using TPE material, can effectively reduce the friction with the clothes, thereby reducing the "stethoscope effect" to bring the friction sound. In order to bring a comfortable sense of wearing, equipped with three different sizes of earplugs, and the choice of nipple-level silicone material, reduce the skin irritation. For the time of wearing is not squeezing the auricle, after repeated and accurate design, get the appropriate curved beats by dre wireless surface curvature, when listening to music even forget the existence of headphones, enjoy indulging them.