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Two minutes to take you to read the Bluetooth music headset those things

Many people see T Taiwan catwalk, always say a word: "fashion this thing I do not understand." Feeling that when someone is reveling in that set of exquisite clothing, you beats by dre studio are confused. In fact, if you are not on the wireless Bluetooth headset, when you listen to headphones enthusiasts speech, or read the headset evaluation, you will also be puzzled. So, when you want to choose a good Bluetooth music headset, you may wish to spend 1 minute to do homework, find out the enthusiasts often blurted out those words in the end what it means, so as to understand the "human".

In short, is a Bluetooth transmission mode, in the Bluetoot wireless audio transmission field APT-X because of its low latency, fault tolerance is good, began to become the most advanced coding methods, both mobile phones and headphones to support this transmission Can be used. If the device does not support APT-X will automatically withdraw from the AAC transmission, if the device is not supported by AAC, audio transmission will work in the most basic SBC mode. APT-X sound quality is best to achieve CD-level stereo audio, in recent years developed LDAC audio beats by dr dre technology, this technology can be transmitted beats by dre wireless in theory lossless music, but the application is not wide noise reduction headphones are divided into active noise reduction and passive noise reduction two Species. Passive noise reduction is the use of physical characteristics of the external noise and the ear isolated from the noise through the material to block the noise, the general noise can be reduced by about 15-20dB. Low cost, the effect of the general, and the use of sound insulation materials make the ears uncomfortable.

Active noise reduction is much higher, first of all to collect the noise characteristics of the wave, and then through the built-in processing chip to calculate the reverse wave, and then through the high degree of reduction of the speaker offset. So there is a function of the noise reduction system requires a pickup, chip and speakers, the higher cost. Many people listen to music often can not hear the outside of the sound, especially when wearing a large ear, usually to take off the headphones to hear, if the metro in the subway because of the power of the station was worth the loss. Some headphones have a listening mode, as long as the opening can not only wear headphones and chat with others, even in the subway bus station can clearly hear the voice of the outside world, not wrong. NFC, Near Field Communication is a non-contact identification and interconnection technology that enables close-range wireless communications between mobile devices, consumer electronics, PC and intelligent control tools. Compared to beats by dre Bluetooth, NFC has a short distance, low speed, no pairing, suitable for near field communication, high security because there is no need to worry about data being intercepted. Bluetooth connection is slow, NFC connection is milliseconds, in short, is NFC than Bluetooth simple, high-end, no need to match, you can touch. WIFI we all know, but HIFI is not necessarily, HIFI is High-Fidelity acronym, that is, high fidelity. As the wireless transmission technology constraints, has been unable to reach HIFI level, with the wireless technology more and more popular, to achieve this level is only a matter of time, there are many headphones launched wireless HIFI models. For the new headphones (whether wireless Bluetooth or wired), some components such as transistors, integrated circuits, capacitors and other parameters of instability, need to be used after a period of time to gradually stabilize. In order to be able to use the headset when they get the best sense of hearing, so there has been a "burning machine" this said. In fact, is to start before using the headset, through a long time to play different styles of music, so that equipment between the spare parts are fully run, so that the performance of the headset more stable