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Understand the monitor speakers: the art of space sound

Sonic and mirror the same principle, all with reflective properties. The sound we heard in the interior space was already in the room for a week before being delivered to the ear (see figure 1 below). Some of these sound waves will gradually increase through the reflection, and the rest will be suppressed; different sound changes will change according to its characteristics. Any plane (blackboard, walls, ceilings, etc.) may cause abnormal acoustic reflection, so in the provision of monitoring sound should be carefully selected sound insulation material materials. And through the correct sound settings to balance the space too large acoustic reflection, you can greatly enhance your listening environment. Many people use the extra space in the bedroom or other fabulous space for use as a studio. Unfortunately, when the walls of the space are parallel, the so-called "standing waves" are often produced. This phenomenon occurs when the "synchronic elimination" phenomenon occurs when the beats earphones sound waves are reflected back from the other interface of the parallel to interfere with the amplitude of the acoustic waves in the space. While this type of sound setting can cause many problems, it is possible to turn a square pattern space into a correct monitor configuration, that is, you can make adjustments by knowing the characteristics of the sound in the space. The effect of acoustic reflection is reduced to a low level.

All the sounds we hear in our ears are the result of a combination of direct transmission of sound waves and reflections. Sonic reflection will not only strengthen its own frequency, but also reduce the frequency of other sonic waves. You can sit near the monitor speakers or install the monitor speakers in the location closer to their place, so you can hear more direct transmission of sound waves and receive less reflection of all the indoor space Need some degree of sound configuration processing. Beats Headphones On Sale Sometimes you only need to carefully through a careful arrangement like a sofa, bookshelves and some other indoor furniture can complete a simple sound configuration processing. But in most cases to effectively eliminate the role of acoustic reflection must rely on sound-absorbing effect and to prevent the sound wave diffusion material. And the appropriate sound configuration processing can effectively reduce the indoor space acoustic wave reflection frequency while eliminating unnecessary echo. The purpose of the installation of sound-absorbing device is to use sound-absorbing material to achieve the offset part of the reflection of the annoying sound waves, sound-absorbing device and can not achieve the effect of complete noise. Like heavy fabrics, glass fiber, sound absorbing foam - these materials have the effect of absorbing high frequency sound. These materials can be easily attached to the wall or ceiling, while effectively reducing the sound wave reflection of the situation. Roughly two inches of sound-absorbing foam can absorb about 500HZ of sound waves - and four Beats Headphones Cheap inches of sound-absorbing cotton can only absorb about 250HZ sound waves. When you are ready to install the sound absorbing material, first check for any potential acoustic reflection points in your listening environment that may cause reflections from the sound waves. And then check the cheap beats direction of the direction of the monitor to see if there is any easy to produce a reflection of the sound plane, usually the side wall, back wall and monitor the rear of the wall most likely to produce problems