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Unusual personality headphones, with the arcade, said: NO!

If you are a beats by dre studio leader who is not willing to follow the crowd's "pursuit of personality", in fact, in addition to some traditional audio manufacturers, there are many unusual brand launched a lot of distinctive, very good sound quality headphones. Bluetooth headset from the sports car's design inspiration, showing a dynamic, smooth curve of the stylish shape. The headphone components of the material has a very good creep control, fatigue resistance, friction characteristics, the signal is quite stable, for its sound quality and laid a solid foundation. Edifier W855BT is a thousand dollars to create a new pattern of Bluetooth headsets, with 20 years Cheap Beats By Dr Dre of professional audio heritage, a collection of good sound, comfortable to wear, cool appearance, long life, rugged, wired and wireless dual-mode advantages in one. Enjoy the same music details as a wired headset, sensing the amount of each note. The 40mm performance speakers, coupled with imported biological composite diaphragm, to ensure a high-quality Beats By Dre On Sale listening experience. On Bluetooth headset short common shortcomings, but also made the appropriate improvements, low-power circuit design, creating a 20-hour continuous talk time good results. The appearance still retains the classic rock style, a maverick look. After the speaker drive unit is upgraded, the depth of bass dive, the ductility of treble detail, the breadth of the midrange range have been greatly improved.

Wireless Bluetooth headset, with a washable mesh cover, built-in sliding touch panel, so you cool cool touch, indulge in sports. Simple and practical into a variety of design, so that everyone who sees it, will put it down. No matter how critical you are, you can always find the right headset in your brand. Stereo gold-plated plugs, as well as high-purity oxygen-free beats by dre studio copper wire core, to protect its almost lossless transmission performance. Comes with a portable leather case, from the inside out protection, easy to carry, silicone sleeve greatly enhance the sound quality of headphones. Lightweight design, the entire headphone weighs only 16.4g, light and comfortable, the burden of releasing the ears, long wear is not tired. Micro tilt in-ear shark fin soft ear support, with a slow rebound characteristics, when fitted automatically fit the ear, exercise solid and solid, unfettered ready to enjoy the wonderful sound quality at any time. Headphone cover with magnetic features, you can earbuds can be sucked together, hanging in the chest. Broaden the stereo field, excellent sense of space, so usually dull and boring exercise become free joy. The Bluetooth headset to strengthen the depth of bass dive, popular style tuning, strong low frequency so that the headset is full of bass level experience.