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Use headphones every time not more than half an hour

Tympanic membrane perforation, deafness, inner ear vertigo, otitis media, tinnitus, ear tumor, ear shaping, ear injury, otitis externa are more common ear disease in adults, for this age group of people, many ears disease Is due to bad habits caused by the ear, such as long-term in a noisy environment, dig ear, drug abuse, playing ear holes, swimming posture is not correct, which is the most common use of excessive headphones.

Experts to remind young people, the use of headphones time, in general, do not more than half an hour each time, try to use ear headphones, and do not use plug-in headphones; also try to use the quiet environment in the headset, Hurt hearing. It is recommended to use the '6-6 principle' to use headphones, that is, the volume does not exceed 60% of the maximum output, each time to listen to no more than 60 minutes.

Most of the ten habits of the ear:

1. on the subway to Beats By Dre Cheap" href="/">Beats By Dre Cheap listen to songs 2. long time "talk to the phone" 3. with hard objects dig ear 4. often go to KTV5. Physical fatigue 6. do swim when the plane action 7. abuse of antibiotics 8. before and after swimming do not pay attention to check Ears 9. hard to blow your nose 10. ignore the cold, rhinitis, pharyngitis and so on

How to prevent deafness:

1. eat less animal fat and internal organs, eat more rich in trace elements and vitamin C.E food, in order to improve the activity of SOD in the body, clear pathogenic free radicals.

2. Adjust the diet, balance the diet, enhance nutrition. Low-salt low-fat diet, eat more calcium-rich calcium and other foods rich in vitamins to promote blood circulation, to prevent hearing loss.

3. often do some ear massage, such as: massage ear, pinch earlobe, rubbing the pool, etc., or the two index finger were inserted into the two ears quickly extracted to improve the inner ear of the blood circulation.