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Voice never forget the history of headphones and future prospects

Some people say that the headset is a smaller version of the speaker, indeed, the two in the structure has a lot of similarities. This is of course the two are homologous, and electro-acoustic simulation technology to today, has encountered the bottleneck of the theory, and now only from the ergonomic, industrial design and materials to make up. The pursuit of modern people is not just the sound quality effect, the pursuit of the headset is more shocking. While the development of headphones have many years of history, and what is the future trend of headphones? Wireless headphones out of the shackles of tedious wire, you can listen to movies with headphones to travel outside the movie travel, activities are very comfortable. This year the major manufacturers have launched their own wireless headset. What is the biggest reason to block the popularity of wireless headphones? In a number of optional conditions, most users that is not the sound quality and delay and other issues caused by the wireless headset lukewarm, but the price. In fact, the sound quality and delay in the current mature solution has been greatly improved, the only way to prevent it from universal, only the price. Wireless headset than the general wired earphone beats by dre studio expensive price "scare away" a lot of beats by dre studio consumers. Throughout the wireless headset market, the outlook is very optimistic, but there are still many technical obstacles need to break through. High-end HiFi earrings high and low, for manufacturers, in fact, they are more willing to "take the amount of" the birth of the product, which will not only expand the brand's influence, but also the comparison Objective economic benefits. But with the development of science and technology, the cost of high-quality headphones will be reduced. High-quality low-cost earphones will be more and more.

Headset to the personalized, fashionable development. Some of the fashionable headphones for young users in the appearance of the article, the headset has not just a sound reproduction and restore tools, and now the cheap beats headset is a symbol of fashion, symbol of personality.

The sound source and headset together, only need a headset can complete the entire music playback process. This includes a headset, audio, battery, control buttons and other parts, omit the connection, carrying the source and other steps, greatly simplifying the user's listening process.