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What are the characteristics of cheap beats by dre unilateral headphones?

We all know the type of earphones, but we often overlook the other category of earphones, that is, unilateral headphones. What are the characteristics of this type of headset? Our common headphones have two, divided into two left and right channels, so that we can ensure that the sound we hear is stereo, and can distinguish the source of the sound's direction. Unlike a unilateral headphone, it has only one headphone. The usual design is the left channel, which is worn on the left ear. However, in this monophonic design, the sound is not accurate, so in recent years, many unilateral headphones will be designed as left and right channels combined headphones, that is, the left and right channels of the bilateral headphones are combined in one earphone. This combination ensures the accuracy of the sound and hears the details that the mono headphones ignore. However, even if the unilateral headphones are combined with the left and right channels, they are not stereo, but the sound and details of the bilateral headphones we use are all the same, but we cannot distinguish the direction of the sound. So unilateral headsets are often used for traffic functions, called traffic headsets. Because the operator needs to be able to cheap beats hear the sound in the headphones, but also to hear the outside world. If you design a pair of headphones, you can't hear the outside world.

Unilateral headphones are also suitable for street use, because it is unilateral. When we go out to listen to music, in order to ensure the safety of travel, so the other ear needs to experience dangerous information about the external environment, it is suitable for sports family friends to use. When chatting with friends, you can also chat while listening to music. Some people think that unilateral headphones can damage hearing. For this argument, we must say: a loud volume, long listening to headphones, will cause a certain degree of hearing impairment, not a unilateral headset will definitely cause hearing impairment. After all, a unilateral headset Beats Headphones Cheap does not always have to be on the same ear, but it can also be worn! However, if you use one ear to listen to the unilateral earphone for a long time, the two ears will have a certain sound when you remove the earphone for a brief period of time. Poor, but as long as the volume is small, this situation will not be obvious. Relative to forcing, unilateral headphones are still very popular with the traveler. Because the unilateral headphones are handsome, forcing the full.