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What are the earliest knowledge of the earphone? How to taste

Many people are emphasizing the burning of the headset is a bad thing, do not advocate chaos everywhere, in fact, this is a kind of discrimination against the electronic culture. For example, I like tea, the same to buy high-quality tea beats earphones money, the same to Beats By Dre On Sale enjoy, we think that than the burning headphones do not know where the high end to burn the headset and buy good headphones songs are not the same, every price, Every brand, every structure is not the same as the sound. Indeed, to go to listen to a lot of money, but you think your problem is out of who? Do those big car big villa because people can not afford to harm the society yet? Burning headset or a process, the final fever is a result of burning headphones is not to hear the most favorite sound, but from the poor voice gradually heard a good voice, the beginning will be very pleasantly surprised to the back of the gap is getting smaller and smaller, Just the style of the problem, and this time you can choose your favorite style fever you come from the foot of the Beats By Dre Sale mountain, the scenery is more and more open to the top of the hill, see your favorite scenery, photographed a photo belt go back. This is the realm of the pursuit of burning, not what you do not take the cable car directly, or go to the next picture will be able to experience the next. Speaking of expensive, really sorry, this year there are holidays to travel to Europe and the United States, there are inter-provincial tourism, there are tourism in the province, as well as travel in their own homes, and even overtime in the world is placed there, completely Look at your own willing to go to struggle to get, do not blame the distance away from their own distance, it is because you go too slow or in situ to turn how to make the song the best listen? Slightly better headset plus you suddenly heard Like the music that moment, Cheap Beats By Dr Dre that is the best music to listen to the moment, you can pursue the details, atmosphere, sound field, but the song itself you do not like, no matter how good is also a remnant can not take the deputy big Austrian listen to the thirteenth pair of eyes can Did you get rid of evil? Burned with the individual, listen to so many details are not necessary conditions for survival, to pursue the spirit of life to feed yourself to say that no matter whether you are a local or poor Cock silk, the world's art is not specifically for anyone born.