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What are the maintenance methods for wood headphones?

Wooden headphones are the most commonly used accessories for us to use it to listen to songs and watch movies, but everyone will always find these gadgets not easy to use, easy to bad, some because the quality is not, and others are everyone In the use of the process do not pay attention to the method.

1. Try not to beats by dre wireless use headphones in heavy rain, there is plenty of sulfur in the industrialized rain, so that the acidic substances in the rain may cause the earphone lines to age prematurely and even damage. Cheap Beats By Dre Do not wear headphones while sleeping. Sleep can not move all night, big headphones and even the shell will be crushed.

2. Try to keep the wood headset clean, long-term use of headphones to listen to songs when the headphones line sweat and Cheap Beats Headphones so wipe off. What is the secretion of these things, what is the grease, is the wire of the invisible killer. Over time, the wire will be aging, and finally lead to slit, break, affect the life of the headset and appearance.

3. Gently, to avoid the physical impact, wood headset plug is also very fragile, do not often pull, or twist, a long time will also affect the headset pitch and disconnection.

4. When using the headset is best not to smoke, or in the open fire space. Accidentally headset shell, the headset line will burn the second temperature is too high too low on the headset of the wire have an impact so use must remember to read the instructions. Do not remember when you do not use the headset dust.

5. Headphones away from strong magnetic. The magnetism of the unit will drop, and the sensitivity will decrease over time.

6. Wooden headphones away from damp, or watery places. The headphone unit will be beats by dr dre on the rust, resistance increases, your headphones will be biased can not be placed in the sun strong place will affect the life of the headphones.

?7. Do not disassemble. Curiosity too strong, and wanted to open the wooden headphones to see. Everything has its own technology, some headphones is difficult to open, and some headphones do not have a special way is not open, even if open, 80% will make the headset can not continue to work or appear to be biased.

8. Before use, turn off the small volume. If your output device volume is too large, not only the ear of the ear, the light shock film fold. The head of the voice coil burned. Remember to stop using it every 2 / hour.

9. Do not use the chemical wipe headphones, according to the headset maintenance knowledge for headset maintenance.

10. Wooden headphones are stored in a clean, dry area, try to pack or bag them. Similarly, the area where the headphones are stored also need to keep the temperature of the matter too high or too low. If the headset can be folded, you should follow the official guidance to reduce the wear when not in use and do not throw it away.