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What is the classification of a single speaker type for a Bluetooth speaker?

?Bluetooth speaker classification, mainly based on the pronunciation unit and use is divided into a single horn type, double horn type, multi-horn type. Many of the mini-portable Bluetooth small speakers, most of the single speaker, where the first single cheap beats speaker is how to classify it. Mini portable Bluetooth speakers in the pronunciation of the unit is divided into a main speaker, a speaker + a bass radiator, a speaker + inverted hole and the speaker diaphragm and so on several. In the function is mainly divided into ordinary monocular mini-Bluetooth speakers and outdoor mini-Bluetooth speakers and so on. beats earbuds The initial stage of the Bluetooth speaker with this simple monocular Bluetooth speaker is the most prosperous. As the structure of a simple process, without special beats by dre wireless technical support to attract a large number of manufacturers, due to cheap and very popular with Bluetooth speakers like the crowd, a time on the market this number of speakers.

For people to know and familiar with the Bluetooth speaker has made no small credit. But because of its cavity cavity is too small, product homogeneity serious, low price and other conditions of their own constraints, speaker sound quality is difficult to have a breakthrough, life is relatively short, mostly between 2 to 3 hours, resulting in this Speakers use a lot of limitations, most can only be used in a fixed place. The use of the crowd most of the sound quality is not required, so the low price of ordinary monocular Bluetooth speaker is easy to let the public to buy. As the ordinary mini-Bluetooth speakers is difficult to meet the requirements of outdoor environment, so outdoor Bluetooth speakers will beats by dre wireless emerge as the times require. Its wireless, portable, home outdoor use can be, to achieve the basic requirements of water and thaw, to meet the simple outdoor sports, such as outdoor cycling activities, mountaineering, outdoor some other activities. So these products in addition to the sound quality and indoor Bluetooth speakers have the same requirements, but also on the waterproof, dust, drop has a higher demand, which also caused a higher technical requirements of such products, the cost is relatively high.