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What is the difference between in-ear headphones and earphones?

First, the sounding principle may be different

Non-ear earplugs have a moving coil structure, while earplugs include moving coils, moving iron and piezoelectric structures.

Second, different requirements

In-ear earplugs form a closed space in the earbuds and ear canals, causing external sounds to magnify into the ear canal through the earbud housing. This is what we often call the stethoscope effect.

Stethoscope effects can seriously affect normal listening.

To avoid the stethoscope effect, in-ear earbuds require that the wires be as soft as possible to avoid friction with clothing. Some earplug wires are not soft enough, such as E2C, E5C, etc. However, the stethoscope effect of these earplugs is not serious, which is another way to avoid it. Around the ear! Wrap the wire around the ear so that the stethoscope effect does not occur even if the wire is dithered.

Third, the main purpose is different

In-ear earbuds are effective in blocking external noise because they are in close contact with the ear canal, while open earbuds do not play this role. Therefore, listening to music or other things in a noisy environment is a good choice. As for some people think ear damage ear hearing, we will talk about in another article. I will not elaborate here. However, it is clear that ear plugs do not hurt hearing. However, we must remind everyone that because the earplugs have outstanding soundproofing capabilities, it is not recommended to wear them on the road. After all, safety is the first.

Fourth, different sound styles

In-ear earbuds Because of their closed design, earplugs go directly into the ear canal, so the sound is more beats solo delicate, the air attenuation problem is relatively small, and the open earbuds because the sound through the air attenuation is relatively large, resulting in the details is not natural and delicate. The insufficiency of the in-ear earplugs lies in the closed structure of the low-frequency control. Therefore, when the low-frequency volume is a little more adequate, the reverberation problem will be more prominent. In addition, the moving coil structure itself has a relatively large low-frequency reverberation. Features, so in such cases.

Fourth, on the hearing damage of the two issues

Many people have always mentioned in-ear earplugs and they always believe that they have suffered hearing loss. In fact, this view is caught in a misunderstanding.

There are many reasons for hearing damage, such as listening time, volume, and so on. The main concern here cheap beats is the volume problem.

The sound we usually hear is usually between 40 and 60 decibels, so when listening to it, the volume should also be controlled here. The sound produced by the open earplugs is easily disturbed by external noises, and the human hearing will reflect the decrease in force due to noise. Therefore, in a noisy environment, the sound will unconsciously be opened to a very large size. After returning to a quiet environment, you will understand the problem again with the same listening. In-ear earbuds can block most of the noise due to the way they are beats by dre wireless worn. Therefore, in a noisy environment, it is generally not necessary to increase the volume, which will protect the hearing.

But also because of this problem, it is recommended that everyone must not wear it while walking through the road or while driving. Otherwise it is prone to traffic accidents.

Fifth, the selection of in-ear earplugs rubber sleeve

Everyone often asks, what kind of rubber sleeve is better, in fact, there is no unified answer.

The size of the human ear is not the same, and even the same person, the size of the left and right ear canal is often not the same. The standard of choice is to look at the seal. If the seal is not good, it will produce a leakage sound, the sound will be dry, the burr will be large, and the low frequency will be insufficient. Now in-ear earbuds are generally shipped with multiple sizes of rubber sleeves, so that everyone can choose according to their own conditions. Others are only talking about their own situation. The reference can only be used as a contrast to the sense of hearing to determine whether they have achieved the qualities that they should have. The remaining effects are not significant.

Six ear ear cover

The difference between the in-ear earbuds' surface cover and the ordinary sea surface cover is relatively large, and the rubber sleeve is also quite different. So alone, the sponge cover for the earplug is cylindrical and has a hose inside. When you wear it, squeeze the sponge and insert it into your ear. Then the sponge will inflate itself and fit the ear canal. The advantage of the sponge cover is that it is more comfortable to wear, Cheap Beats By Dr Dre the stethoscope effect is lower, the increase of the low frequency is relatively large, the high frequency is weakened, and the disadvantage is that it is easily contaminated. Therefore, it is recommended that the sponge cover should be changed frequently and not used by many people.