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What is the material of the speaker? What are the common speaker materials?

What are the speaker cabinet materials?

Even if we use the speakers every day, we still can't say that we understand 100% of the able-bodied guy. I don't want to remove complicated internal structures. It's just that the speaker cabinet's material is worth studying. At present, more than beats by dre wireless 90% of the speakers we use use wooden boxes. Mid- and low-end products generally use density plates as the cabinet material. High-end products generally use solid wood materials. Different materials have different parameters such as density and hardness. There are also different effects in acoustic feedback.

Speaker cabinet material is varied

In addition, there are many materials that can be used as speaker cabinets. Plastics and metals also have very large fans. Even stones, glass, etc. can exist as cabinets. This time we simply inventoryed the speaker products of various materials and simply analyzed the advantages and differences of various materials.

2, wood / plastic / metal


This is the most common speaker cabinet material. For multimedia speakers, most products use MDF. After high-temperature and high-pressure processing, relatively high-strength plates are formed. This material has a very high price advantage, and subsequent processing is relatively easy. However, the disadvantages are obvious. Compared with the lack of solid wood material density, the sound performance is not good enough, and there are some shortcomings in moisture resistance and durability.

MDF speaker

Solid wood speaker

Another category is solid wood panels, which include walnut, maple, rosewood, mahogany, and other different types of wood, and the front baffle, side panels and backplane material may also be slightly different. Due to the natural nature of solid wood, the board will be better in its natural characteristics, its ability in density, strength and resistance to deformation will be more outstanding, but it will also be higher in cost, so it is generally only used in high-end products. It is considered as a mark of product grade.


Compared to wood materials that are difficult to regenerate, we have more non-abundant plastics. Synthetic materials can be continuously produced. In addition, plastics are easier to shape and shape in the process. Therefore, we see that most of the fancy speakers are plastic materials. In addition to the direct injection of high-gloss technology and color, the plastic case has a better appearance and expression.

Plastic speaker

Therefore, many times we will take it for granted that plastic speakers beats earbuds are lower in quality than wooden speakers. In fact, we can't just Beats By Dre Sale quantify them by shell material. Many plastic speakers also have very good sound quality.


Metal speaker

Metal speakers are not as good as the first two, but they are also very good materials. Metals are stronger than wood and plastic in strength and density, so they can create a more distinctive tone. In addition, due to the color and texture of the metal material itself, it is in beats by dre line with the current mainstream aesthetic orientation, so the metal speaker also gives people a very high-end feeling, many small-sized portable speakers are made of metal material.

3, glass / stone


Glass speaker

Glass is also a kind of synthetic material, so the production cost can also be better controlled. The reason why glass speakers are rare is because their texture is brittle, they are more easily damaged, and they have higher requirements for the use environment. Speakers appear in the field of HiFi, can be considered a wonderful work.


Marble speaker

Did the rock speaker sound a bit spoof? However, in fact, there are speakers that use stone as the cabinet. Many DIY speakers also like to use marble as the cabinet, which has certain advantages in suppressing resonance. The use of stone as the cabinet of the speaker is more often a player's choice, and for brands that are mainly commercial sales, wood and plastic are more appropriate.


In principle, as long as it can support the unit horn and other components, and can reflect the sound waves, it can be used as a speaker box, but in actual production, we also have to consider raw material costs, production costs and the actual test results Therefore, wood is not necessarily the best, but it must be the most suitable. For the players, we can also make full use of imagination.