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What is the need to talk about those things

For the Cheap Beats By Dr Dre headset system interested friends, must listen to some enthusiasts said the decoding, the amp so that the vocabulary for the average consumer or want to be friends of the enthusiasts will still appear to be confused, after all, such a professional vocabulary For those who do not understand the headset industry, more or less a little strange, and this article as a non-technical flow of the author, but also at best talk about their perceptions of these products only, and not too much pure technology Class content, it seems not so jerky.For now a lot of headset fever forum, there is no lack of a lot of for the amp, the decoder of the discussion post, whether it is a discussion with a beats by dr dre simple argument or a good or bad. These forums are often able to see a lot of early burning blindly want to buy the ear to drive their own headphones and even earplugs products, carry the nose for the ear plugs have always been with no small sales,

For this type of situation, of course, we can say that because the average income of people has been increasingly controversial higher and higher, the hands used to improve their quality of life, "spare cash" more and more, and for the sound of this Thing, not like a lot of cars, the camera industry, smashing more money does not mean there will be a better voice there, take the decoding of the two things, Is not necessarily better than some of the cheaper, which is matched with some of the parameters of the problem, and as one of the most simple is only popular articles, the author's writing is not how professional, but also to minimize the professional terms Use, as far as possible with a large vernacular so that each reader can understand how these two things is a thing, understand that they really do not need these equipment.In fact, after understanding will understand, in fact, the amp and the decoder is not how much Esoteric, at least for the electronics industry, the enlargement is the simplest circuit, the decoding may also be a little more complicated a little bit.

In fact, here not only said that the amp, may wish to even bring together the amplifier, hereinafter referred to as the amplification device for the speaker, in fact, is to determine the sound quality of the biggest factors, because before the speaker, are in the form of signal transmission, Compared to Beats By Dre Sale the last step of the speaker physics physical energy, the loss is very small.

But different speakers have different parameters, for many consumer products, because for the average consumer can be a very good driver, headphones are used with high sensitivity and low impedance of the speakers, speakers are also used in the built-in digital zoom Power amplifier module approach, this does allow consumers to plug in to use, but many consumers also found that high-end speaker products are not so "approachable", headphones have beats by dre a lot of high impedance, low sensitivity products, most of the speakers High-end products are also passive design. In the headset products, high impedance low sensitivity design First of all because high-end headphones are mostly full-size moving coil unit, low sensitivity for the overall control of the sound is necessary, and for Large size moving coil unit, because the diaphragm itself can not guarantee the thickness of the ultra-thin, so often can not reduce the sensitivity of only enough current to drive the open, while the high-impedance design is also better filter out Signal noise, and if the drive voltage is sufficient, the high impedance will result in a higher conversion ratio. To say that the headphones and speakers are different, the common speakers are only two impedance matching: 4 ohms and 8 ohms, there are a small amount of 6 ohm products, but nothing more than these three. But the headset is different from a dozen Ohm impedance to 600 ohms can be seen, so here there is a impedance matching problem, the market also has a different impedance for the design of the headphone amplifier, the user also need to according to their own headset to choose the actual situation, if even Impedance matching is difficult to guarantee, that really is not necessarily the more expensive the better.