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What is the secret of the headset let me tell you

It may be more difficult to choose a person for you in the sea, but it is enough to choose a headset for you. Good headphones, will make you feel like being in the concert scene, exaggerated that you listen to music from time to time look back from time to time, would like to confirm whether there is a person behind you playing guitar. Good headphones, just as the magnifying glass to enjoy the painting, not only the condensate of the pigment one by one into the eyes, but also the paper texture one by one comb out, along the gully search for the author's mood. Just touch the headphones of friends, the general will be attracted by the bass, the other voice is not very able to distinguish between the feeling of this bass is very strong (bass in general the ears "can not hear", but feel that is a shock), enjoy "Touching the times" feeling, many people even feel the bass the more heavy, the more rumbling headphones is the better beats earbuds sound quality of the more high-end, listening to the more exciting, I can only say that you "deviation", and partial serious The

In Cheap Beats Headphones" href="/">Cheap Beats Headphones fact, unless the economy allows, do not have to pursue the bass too much. Ordinary headphones on the market do not meet the requirements of the bass, although they all claim to be bass, but it just means that their treble part is not OK, they remove some of the treble to achieve the effect of highlighting the bass. Loss of a lot of sound details of one of the greatest consequences, but also the most Beats By Dre Cheap easily overlooked, is the "sound field" low level of performance, the sound field is the meaning of the scene listening, can distinguish, even close your eyes as if you can see "Like the sound source of the scene, location, etc., there are immersive feeling, if the pursuit of subwoofer sound, it will lose a lot of sound details, the scene is not accurate to restore.