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What is the sound of pure silver wire in the end?

In the hifi in a large part of the enthusiasts are more like the voice of the silver line, not only because some of the electrical characteristics of the silver line is better, more conducive to fidelity, silver line itself has a very strong characteristics, and for playing novice Or do not understand the silver line of friends or should be carefully considered.

Comparison of ordinary copper, ordinary silver line has a great advantage in the upgrading of wire materials in the high-frequency characteristics of silver material better, sound beautiful, transparent, and the density is also high, sound lines and shape prominent, excellent knot, can be said In the middle of the price of the wire, the silver line of quality advantage is an ear thing, but happens that things are like this, listen to the ears of the silver line stunning incomparable, listen to more will feel a little tired, if it is the speaker system that is not It will be too obvious, the high sensitivity of the headset system will make your ears feel tired.


Because in the low-cost popular wire, the material purity and production process is not the top technology, then the inherent weaknesses of the material is very easy to expose, silver material sound energy is more concentrated in the high frequency and body slim, which gives Fast and clean feeling, but no thick and surrounded by copper wire, this is a contradictory problem, until the top wire, these problems are not necessarily able to completely solve.

For the headset to upgrade the wire, the choice of silver line more easily exposed above hearing defects, because the details of the headset than the speaker richer, but the low-frequency relaxation and surrounded by a sense of far less than the speaker, the silver line will increase listening to fatigue, but Not that the silver line will be bad, after all, hifi headset is the system, there are many beats solo other links can adjust the problem, know how to match is the king of hifi.

Pure silver line more hifi quality, but requires a better system to contrast to listen to the feeling, if the combination properly, its characteristics far more than copper, so in this advise to upgrade the silver line of friends, or from the whole system to consider, Do not be confused by the gorgeous ears.