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What is the sound quality of the cinema in the eyes of the enthusiasts?

First of all, I would like to say that the supported Cheap Beats By Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dre format does not represent the format that can be displayed. The film's original film is to support CD-level sound quality, but now the vast majority of cinemas use audio equipment and its decoding equipment, not enough to show such a sound quality. So the details of the sound and texture will sound relatively poor.

In addition you will be in beats by dr dre some of the relatively poor cinema inside to hear the rumbling noise, in the professional known as Tsukuba. This is another reason, that is, cinema auditorium indoor acoustics design problems, even if your sound is better, but also will cause people very uncomfortable variety of interference.

So the theater will eventually show the sound effects, depending on these two points, if the speakers with better, using the latest decoding technology, with high-end theater amplifier, can achieve excellent output, and this output Often better than CD. If you then take a reasonable acoustic design, perfect acoustic space, the effect of the cinema is quite amazing.

I played the sound for many years, before has been very obsessed with the private cinema system. But now the reality, watching movies or mainly in the cinema, I also have a request for the cinema, first of Beats Headphones On Sale all, the most basic requirement is to use Dolby panoramic sound decoding and audio arrangement. To ensure that the minimum sound effect. And then it is best to use Barco's high-brightness double projection mode, so that you can make 3d brightness and 2d little difference to see any movie will be more bright.

If it can match the entry-level vibration seat that is better.

But tell the truth, the main advantage of the cinema is the space, the screen is big. Really better than the sound effect is not as good as the private auditorium. I do not say that I used the system, only to say before to a friend's house, he was 35 square meters in the basement space to install a power of more than 1 million watts of 7.2-channel theater system. The kind of earth to shake the feeling of vibration, every trace of the sound of the slightest sense of the deduction, so far no experience in any cinema.

So if I let the cinema sound effects belong to what level? It can only say that the top of the theater is equivalent to the level of the middle of the home theater level, the top home theater, accompanied by audition can spike any large theater viewing effect.