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What is the speaker's power?

What is the speaker's power? As the name suggests, the speaker's power is "the input Beats By Dre On Sale speaker does not exceed the marked power will not be damaged, you can afford it." There are several ways of expressing the power of a speaker, which can easily lead to misunderstandings of the user, resulting in improper use of the speaker. Some of the parameters of the speaker is marked rated power, that is, long-term power, that long-term use in this power state will not be damaged.

Factory test rated power at a constant temperature of 20 , the pink noise signal for 48 hours of continuous work. KTV rooms in the use of the more harsh environment, the music contains many large dynamic peak signal, it is recommended that the input power is lower than 20% of the rated power above the speaker, it will be much safer. Speakers to withstand peak power is limited, the time is set to 1 second, repeated only 10 times, if more than may be damaged, the peak power of the speaker marked with special caution, it is recommended to use the power does not exceed the peak 1/4 of the power.

Power amplifier rated output power refers to: "long-term output power without distortion (generally refers to the output distortion does not exceed 1%)", this state amplifier is safe and reliable work. In fact, there are a few prerequisites: First, the mains voltage is required as the standard 220V, if the city fluctuations, the power amplifier output will also change; the other Beats Headphones On Sale is the load (speakers) impedance requirements in the choice Amplifier and speakers, we cheap beats recommend that the power amplifier rated power slightly larger than the speaker's rated power, the general size of 20-30% is appropriate, at least have to be equal, the power amplifier must not be rated power is less than the rated power to form a "small horse cart ". If the user pushes the bass tone knob or increases the volume knob, the output of the amplifier will be distorted, that is, the output of the amplifier will be distorted Pedestrians often say "clipping", resulting in DC output (under normal circumstances the power amplifier output waveform sine wave AC, distortion will "clip" to form an approximate DC). In the case of direct current output amplifier can not control the speaker, will burn no doubt. Amplifier power is greater than the speaker power, to control the amplifier output can not be too large, so you can ensure that the amplifier has enough "power reserve", good dynamic performance, without damaging the speakers.

The tweeter is the weakest part of the speaker, when there is damage caused by the speaker occurs, often the first to damage the tweeter, of course, improper use of the bass speaker will burn. Factories in the design of the Cheap Beats By Dre speaker, the general rating of the power reserve in the past under a certain margin, through our visit to a large number of users found that the vast majority of "burning horn" is caused by improper use