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What is the working principle of the headset?

After the earphone receives the electrical signal, the electrical signal is transmitted to the generating unit, and then the various generating units convert the electrical signal into a mechanical vibration. Because the sound is generated by the vibration of the object, sound is emitted.

According to the different sound unit, can be divided into the following categories:

Piezoelectric: Vibration by the piezoelectric effect of the piezoelectric ceramic. In greeting cards, ultrasonic generator widely exist, the sound is poor.

Moving iron: electromagnet in the role of electrical signals to produce different degrees of magnetic field, the front of the electromagnet is a piece of iron, the magnetic field changes in the role of vibration. Earlier use of the microphone is this way, but with the development of technology in recent years, the sound enhancement is very good, common in high-end headphones, and each headphone, the occurrence of multiple units are used to deal with Different beats solo frequency sounds.

Moving coil type: the Beats By Dre On Sale enamel coil is fixed on the diaphragm, the permanent magnet is placed below, the magnetic field generated by the electric signal through Beats By Dre On Sale the enameled wire has different strengths, because the permanent magnet is fixed, so the enameled coil drives the diaphragm vibration. Most low-end beats solo headphones are like this.

Electrostatic: The same principle as moving coil, except that the diaphragm and enamel coil are replaced by the conductor material printed directly on the diaphragm. The distortion is small and the transient response is good, but the cost is very high.