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What kind of game headset worth buying?

Talking about the game headset, netizens should not feel strange, as one of the essential equipment in the field of electronic sports, game headphones in the race to play a pivotal role, and even indirectly determine the winning or losing a game. And the traditional music headset is different from the game headset has a strong specificity, the player in addition to playing the game to wear and use, almost will not be applied to other occasions, not only lies in the appearance of the difference between the two, the game headset are usually Using USB interface, in addition to access to computers, other audio equipment can not be connected. Game headset compared to the traditional music headset, the overall use of my feelings generally have the following:

1, the appearance of fashion cool, very publicity.

2, the sound field is large, low frequency Beats By Dre On Sale feeling more.

3, the sound positioning and a sense of space.

4, equipped with dedicated voice calls for noise reduction microphone.

????These feelings are obviously very useful for the game, but in terms of songs, the game headset to the author's feelings are very embarrassing, and usually the game sound is also good, a song on the paste into a "pot of porridge", only Leaving the deep low frequency, what details are not heard, as if wearing a head on the head of the cottage. And for many gamers, also encountered like the author Beats By Dre Sale so similar to the "encounter." Game headset compared to the traditional music headphones, it does have its unique advantages, but also for users to bring a better gaming experience, but the former performance in the music on the disadvantages are too obvious, so that the sound quality of a little Users are hard to tolerate the bad sound of the game headset. Of course, if you just want to use the game when playing, songs and then back to the traditional music headphones, this is also understandable, nothing more than a little trouble. But for many gamers, they do not want their game headphones in addition to the game outside the time have been pressed in the bottom of the box, but hope to continue as a music headphones to listen to the use of innovative products, whether in the design or voice performance On, and now on the market with the game headset is very different. The combination of gaming and HiFi, to meet the game and songs at the same time high-fidelity beats by dre studio headphones, perhaps for users, this game is the headset you buy it?