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What kind of loudspeakers are good?

Portable loudspeakers are mostly smaller, easy to operate, and easy to carry and so on. Portable loudspeaker power between 3W-8W, the sound emission frequency range of 100 meters or less, the battery includes lithium and nickel light battery, lithium battery and Nokia battery common, nickel light battery can be recharged, you can also use ordinary batteries should And, depending on the configuration of the general portable loudspeakers need to install six batteries, do not rule out the 2 -4-cell configuration.

Wireless loudspeaker

The most basic feature of the wireless loudspeaker is the wireless transmission mode of the sound signal, which includes the electromagnetic wave transmission signal mode and the optical wave transmission signal mode. The sound signal is transmitted by the carrier only by the carrier. Wireless loudspeakers use independent lithium battery supply mode, the general launch part of the small, easy to carry, and more for the application of education.

Loudspeaker purchase

First, see whether the performance description is detailed

Many loudspeaker brand products are beats headphones described as small, lightweight and other properties, in the audio circle, we all know a word "good sound must be relatively heavy, heavy does not mean good sound." The better the performance, the selection is even more harsh. Loudspeaker speakers and pickup microphone (microphone) close to each other, easy to produce whistle feedback (natural phenomenon). In this regard, experienced manufacturers design circuit will focus on consideration, both sound enough, and not easy to produce feedback.

Second, look at the appearance of beats by dre studio the product is good

A good loudspeaker products will take full account of the use of consumers, as far as possible under the premise of ensuring product quality, to meet the needs of consumers on the appearance. R & D products are often contradictory, to measure the pros and cons, the real speaker brand manufacturers will first take the quality.

Third, look at the user's experience

Good loudspeaker products can withstand the use of the side to use friends, listen to their feelings and ideas, I believe that the consumer has a high reference value. A hard to develop beats by dr dre products manufacturers are extremely hope to get word of mouth publicity, that is against the effort of the affirmation and appreciation.

Fourth, to see whether the after-sales service in place

A detailed understanding of after-sales service measures and systems, the more clearly described, the more secure. Of course there are many dealers to attract consumers, exaggerated. One year warranty for two years, two years warranty for three years. Really have the ability to repair only the product manufacturers, only the manufacturers of the commitment is more authentic and credible.

Loudspeaker use

1. The use of loudspeakers should avoid the microphone is on the speaker, the volume adjustment is appropriate, so to avoid distortion and feedback whistle phenomenon.

2. Do not use the pull, drag the microphone line, or prone to poor contact between the wire lead.

3. The host battery should not charge over a long time over discharge, low battery prompts should be promptly charged, idle when not pay attention to one to two months to charge a power.

Loudspeaker maintenance

Loudspeakers are small electrical products, need to pay attention to maintenance, the following talk about how to maintain the loudspeaker to increase the life of the loudspeaker, the following look at the following points to note:

1. Protection of the microphone, the microphone is the most vulnerable to damage a part of the line length interface is often used, we use the microphone when the plug when more attention, do not force too much.

2. Do not force the microphone line, especially the interface of the site, it is vulnerable to injury, usually pay attention to the body's action not too much can.

3. battery maintenance, the battery must be used before the first charge a good charge, and then use, the use of the process must pay attention to the power, if the sound significantly smaller, we should pay attention to the charge, if the electric discharge of the battery may be It will never charge into the power.

4. Note that moisture, loudspeakers are electrical products, circuit board if the humidity is too high, then easy to cause oxidation, so to be placed in a dry place to save.