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What looks like a good headset

In our homework and the days, there are learning we will often need to use the headset, headset is our ears closely related to our long-term use of the process of headphones, not only to pay attention to the quality of sound, more importantly, For our ears for the sake of health, here for you to recommend headset brand which is good, to help you pick to the quality of cheap headset.

Headset is the headset and microphone integration, it is different from the usual headphones. Often headphones are often stereo, and headphones are mostly mono, together, the headset has a microphone that usually does not have a headset. Headset can be divided into closed, open, semi-open. Closed is through its own soft sound pad to wrap your ears, so that it is completely covered up. This type of headset because of a large sound pad, so the head is also larger, but with the sound pad can be used in a noisy environment without impact; open headset is currently popular headset style. The characteristics of this type of machine is through the use of sponge-like microporous foam plastic production sound ear pads. It is compact, comfortable to wear, is no longer the use of heavy dye pad, there is no sense of blocking with the outside world, but its low frequency loss is greater. Semi-open headset is a combination of closed and open two headset head of the new headset This type of headset uses a multi-diaphragm structure, in addition to an active active diaphragm, there are a number of passive driven diaphragm. It not only has a low frequency depicting the full and honest, but also has a high frequency depicting the bright natural, clear and other characteristics of the level.

In our homework and the days, as well as learning we will often need to use the headset, headset effect and function I think most people are consensus. Not only convenient for us to expand the volume, with people more clear communication, together, it is also conducive to the throat throat health. However, due to the high frequency of the use of headphones, so in the course of the use of often have questions, the most common question is that the headset can not speak, many consumers in the face of such questions are usually suspected that they did not buy To the real headset brand merchandise, would not have been like that. So how do we deal with this question? Here we come to a specific understanding of the headset common problems and treatment methods.

Headset in Internet cafes is a very common device, it is also a great damage. Headset use of the line are smaller, taste the netizens pull, twist and other rough action, the headset line is easy to be broken, most of the headset problems are due to headset line cracking caused. Heads of the first major manifestations:

(1) headphones do not ring or one side does not ring;

(2) the microphone is silent;

(3) volume conditioning failure.

Today's headset is usually combined with the microphone and head to Beats By Dre Sale do together, so there are two sets of lines, a group of headphones for a total of three, the other for the microphone line a total of two. Headphones in the three lines is a bus, the other two were used for the channel, headphone plug part is also divided into three sections. Headphone cable on and off can be used to check the multimeter, just use the test pen headset head of the three sections can be connected to the two can be, if it is through the headphones will be heard in the subtle beats by dre wireless sound. Headset line break off the local primary in the conditioning volume of the local, headphones lead parts, two coil joints. In the repair, the demand is careful, will crack the thin line from scratch welding up, and each joint to use tape wrapped up. If the conditioning volume of the module is faulty, that cool directly removed here, the two lines of the direct welding can be connected. Originally, the repair of the headset and not too much technical, the demand is only our patience and careful, just need to repair a few times to understand their internal structure, natural can be at ease.