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What you need to know before choosing monitor speakers

Faced with all kinds of monitor speakers, everyone will have some trouble. So before choosing monitor speakers, the following knowledge you must carefully study, can help you make the right choice! Monitor speakers need to provide as accurate and non-stained sound as possible that can truly express music components. When you're recording, editing, mixing, or processing bus audio, a pair of sound-clear speakers ensures that your mixes are successfully delivered to the end user's headset, TV, car, and other audio systems. Note that when we select speakers, there are several points that are prior to accuracy, and we have listed them again to help you find the monitor that best suits your environment. Although there are a large number of active monitor speakers (including amplifier circuits) on the market, here is a reminder that the growth of the recording industry has been accompanied by passive monitor speakers (additional configuration of amplifiers or amplifiers is required). There are advantages and disadvantages. It is important to understand this. Passive monitoring systems are usually modular and require you to match the speaker unit with the corresponding power amplifier, connection accessories (such as cables), and so on. Active monitoring is one thing that can Beats Headphones On Sale" href="/">Beats Headphones On Sale be purchased for use, thus providing convenience. You don't need to prepare extra work space, and you don't have to worry about power amplifier matching, because the active monitor speakers are well-matched inside.

In the entire recording monitoring system, the change of energy will Cheap Beats By Dre have a huge impact on the overall sound, and this effect depends not only on the volume of the volume you hear. It determines the dynamic range of the sound and the headroom provided by the system before the signal reaches peak clipping. High power means that you can hear more transient details, allowing you to fine-tune parameters such as compression, limits, and thresholds. Most devices provide more voltage in the front stage, increasing the energy, and then attenuate some of the signals through the rear-stage transformer circuit and increase the harmonic components without distortion, while other products often fail to do so. The power division of the input signal of the speaker unit in the monitor speaker depends on whether the internal is a single amplifier, a bi-amplifier or a tri-amplifier. Many monitor speakers have two units: a tweeter unit and a bass unit. The former is responsible for high frequencies and the latter is responsible for medium and low frequencies. Some products add a third speaker unit so that low frequencies can be sent to the woofer and mid frequencies to the midrange unit. In a single-amplifier system, a circuit network similar to a splitter divides the amplifier's signal and sends it out, sending signals of different frequencies to the corresponding speaker units: low frequency to the bass tub, high frequency to the high pitcher . In a bi-amplifier configuration, two separate power amplifiers power the two high and low frequency speaker units. Similarly, there are three power amplifier monitor speakers, the signal will be divided into three parts, each unit is separately powered. In simple terms, bi-amps and tri-amps have a smoother, more accurate frequency response and a clearer sound. When magnified separately, each unit can concentrate on restoring the sound that it receives just in the frequency range that it needs exactly, making the restoring process more accurate. When the speaker sizes are similar, the sound of the bi-amp and three-amp cheap beats monitor speakers is clearer. Speakers come in a variety of materials, ranging from paper to Kevlar to aluminum alloys. Manufacturers are constantly evolving their own products. If you are interested, you can find a lot of information about the material properties of different raw materials. But wait a minute, are you really interested in the material of the speakers? The material of course accounts for a large proportion of the sound quality, but you will not use the material as the main criterion to select monitor speakers (what do you hear? Color is the standard). We fully recognize that the speaker unit material has a huge impact on the sound, but we can't just look for the unit material, the most important thing is to listen Beats By Dre Cheap carefully, that is to say, we should care more about the sound results of the monitor speakers than the materials!

You will find many small monitor speakers, and many large speakers, using an inverted box structure, which can expand the frequency response of the low voice. Doing so will have an advantage, and it may also cause the sound to be less accurate than the closed structure. When the reversed-phase box's inverting hole is behind and the speaker is placed against the wall, this phenomenon can be exaggerated. If you can only put the monitor speaker on the wall or put it on the feet, it is recommended that you choose the pre-inverted hole or closed box to get a more accurate monitoring effect.