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Which headphones are suitable for jogging wear?

First of all, running a headset is a prerequisite for the headset must have anti-sweat function (note that is sweating rather than completely waterproof). No such function is not qualified to talk about running. For sweating more people, in the summer run a step can be a sweat. These sweat can easily be contaminated to the headphones of the wire or even the cavity, over time it is easy to corrode the headphones and even lead to damage to internal components. For some of the traditional music type of earplugs, their surface is not waterproof function. If you beats solo are running outdoors, consider that should be non-ear earphones. why? Not to say that non-ear is not sound? In fact, we need to be non-ear is not good sound insulation characteristics. Otherwise, you run in the back of the car after a car (regardless of motor vehicles or non-motor vehicles) and you are totally unaware that this is very easy to cause accidents.

Sports headphones, mainly highlight the use of sports scenes, sweating during the process of moving or outdoor rain so the headset waterproof anti-sweat performance, the market are basically headphones on the movement Cheap Beats Headphones" href="/">Cheap Beats Headphones of IPX4 level waterproof, in order to achieve comfortable and stable wearing headphones Hanging ear into the way to wear, ear hanging material there are two kinds of external ear hanging and horns hanging silicone sets, wearing glasses students choose horn hanging silicone suit, wireless Bluetooth headset than the use of wired headphones more freedom without long headphone cable