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White noise cooker headset method

The so-called white Beats By Dre On Sale noise is the frequency of a part of the power of the power in the entire audible range (0-20KHZ) are uniform. Because the human ear is sensitive to the high frequency, so the sound sounds like a very noisy rustle noise is not we can not stand the terrible noise, on the contrary because of the same frequency on each band, the sound of these laws help us Soothe the nerves, shielding the other murmans around. So at work, sleep, white noise will play a wonderful role.

At the same time for helping us with the shortest possible time to put your headset to cook the best use of results. In addition to the white noise produced, the natural wind, rain, waves are white noise, a different white noise has different effects, according to your own needs, choose a different melody of white noise to burn your headphones , So that the sound of your headphones become more beautiful sounds.

1, with a special frequency generator to generate a fixed or scanning frequency and then enter the headset to burn machine, if there is no such equipment, you can use someone else to compile some of the procedures to burn machine.

2, for example, the use of computer processing some of the waveform, frequency, through the sound card output, to achieve some real frequency of the instrument effect, but when burning machine are generally used in the low frequency.

3, Cheap Beats By Dre as long as the TTG can set a low frequency, and then there are two ways to burn machine, one using a fixed frequency output, the other is the use of scanning frequency, of course, the effect of both similar.

4, in the process of burning headphones, pay attention to burning machine time can not continue to work for too long, play the volume should be appropriate, not too much, so as to avoid some irreparable damage to the headset, resulting in burning machine failure.

Please use the best possible use of non-destructive music files, the best choice for recording quality excellent music files, master band high bit rate music files better, do not recommend the use of years earlier history recording album burning machine.

It is recommended to choose some suitable front-end burning machine. Portable headphones (or earplugs) the best choice portable player as a burning machine front end, desktop headset best to choose the impedance sensitivity to match the amp as the front end.

Different people listen to the volume and the threshold is different, and thus can cheap beats not provide universal definition of the standard, so the "normal listening volume" this argument is only based on the average listening volume of most people.