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Why can not wear headphones when listening to songs?

Listening to music can let us Beats By Dre On Sale relax, so we can often see some people whether it is on the way to work or work with headphones when listening to songs, in fact, they do not know, often incorrect use of headphones are our ear damage is very Big, followed by Xiaobian to introduce how to correctly use the headset and what tips for small ears.

Wearing a headset listening to music, for those who work every day to commute the bus, school people, is to relax themselves, to pass the time to do a good job, it will not affect others. However, the experts said, often with a headset, especially always with a large volume of songs will make our hearing down, then your ears hurt? How to use the correct headphones?

Wearing headphones damage hearing is progressive, easy to be ignored

Long-term wear headphones will not only damage the hearing, and this damage is difficult to regenerate recovery. Like other senses, the ear has a special hearing "receptors" - ciliated cells in the cochlea. We were able to hear the sound, because the sensor was stimulated, cilia with the sound of vibration and swing. Once the cilia swing too much, it is easy to damage bad hearing. Hear a big blasting sound, a long time to stay in karaoke OK room after a brief "deafness" is the reason. Many people say that they do not feel their headphones have changed their hearing, in fact, this injury is slowly, often we will be ignored. Our excessive stimulation of the cochlear cilia will reduce our sensitivity, long-term this will hurt our hearing.

Of course, not all sounds can cause hearing damage. Generally speaking, the voice of the normal speech is about 40-60 decibels, and the sound of the class is about 70 decibels, but the volume of the headphones tends to go to more than 85 decibels (more than 85 decibels can damage the Beats By Dre On Sale" href="/">Beats By Dre On Sale ciliated cells of the cochlea). Especially in the beats earphones noisy outdoor, public transport environment, the external environment noise is too large, want to hear the sound of headphones, it must improve the volume, is bound to bring too much stimulation of the cochlea Most hearing impaired patients engaged in customer service industry The As a single ear to stimulate the volume can not be adjusted, up to 8 hours a day to stimulate, a lot of customer service staff are heavy, tinnitus and other feelings, which is a manifestation of hearing impairment. Experts suggest that wearing the headphones to listen to the volume of music to control the highest volume of 2/3 or less, try to debug with the usual voice is almost appropriate.

Ear hearing impairment has three major performance: high frequency damage, increased sensitivity and hearing loss.

Increased sensitivity: the increase in the sensitivity of our ears, will make some changes in the sound, very uncomfortable, there will be heavy, tinnitus, ear plug, dizziness and other symptoms, such as those who have to overcome this problem.

High frequency damage: As the music has a lot of electronic tones are high frequency sound, so wear the earphone most often lead to high frequency damage. However, this hearing impairment is often not easy to detect. Because the ears can hear the sound in the 150-8000hz, while the human audio only 250-2000hz, so even if the high frequency damage, the impact of language Beats By Dre On Sale communication is not large.

However, high-frequency damage may also be shown as easy dizziness, dizziness, head swelling and so on. Long wearing headphones and the above symptoms, it is likely that hearing has been damaged