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Why do you want to wear a headset when you play a concert?

In the large area and the use of recording and accompaniment (rather than live performance) of the performance site, distributed in different locations of the sound will produce varying degrees of echo, coupled with the delay of electronic equipment and other reasons, the singer if only their own ears To identify the music and follow the concert, the actual out of the song and music in the beat is not synchronized, so need to take the headset to remove the interference, headphones put the same accompaniment. In addition, there is a need for the background staff can also communicate with the staff through the stage

Singer singing headphones, it is important to be soundproof, for the following reasons:

1, the audience countless fans and then sing, the singer is singing, the fans are roar, must run tune, in case you follow a bunch of fans tune, how do?

2, often for the stage effect will produce fireworks and other effects, which gave the singer made a noise, messed up the rhythm, how to keep back with?

3, often began to sing before the fans screams still have a certain inertia, the singer can not hear the accompaniment, how do?

So wear earplugs, the most important thing is soundproof. Headphones relative to the scene are the nearest source, excluding a lot of interference.

But the nearest source is not equal to the most accurate source. This is from the stage listening technology.

Group of friends can know the band, the instrument must first be connected to a playback speaker and then received the sound device, and finally through a variety of equipment to the speaker to listen to the audience to listen to, so the actual sound is the playback speaker is the most real, careful Observation you can find, live performances, except for each musician (except the band, they have to run around) are placed a playback speaker, the volume is not small, Pan Weibo concert easier to see, Mayday DNA concert the most Describe this point, drummer singing "desires to burn me" when the lens can clearly see behind the drummer, but also stood a big triangle speaker.

So in fact the singer wearing a headset, one of the points is to hear someone else's voice came to determine their own when to enter the song. But to be very accurate monitoring, or rely on that huge playback speaker, because it directly connected to the output of their own equipment, it will only issue their own equipment sound.

If the musician can sit close to the playback loudspeaker, clearly hear the music, the sound insulation requirements of the headset is not so high, choose their favorite headphones on it.

But the singer can not have a box chasing him to run, careful observation can be found, even if the stage has a little place to highlight a little bit, the singer may stand out close to the fans sing, will put a triangle speaker on the ground with. Stage front row of speakers, it will be issued directly to the singer microphone to receive the sound. But the scene is too noisy, so the singer had to need a very good sound insulation earplugs.

Does this say that those playback speakers on the void? General stage behind a speaker (band performance is easy to see), speakers outside a microphone. Yes, all the headphones received, that is, that microphone is included in the speaker from the sound through the sound of the integrated sound. After the sound does not mean that can not be tuned, just let the sound between the other is not so alienated, it seems that the sound is false, is a preliminary sound processing. So this one loop, it makes the sound will be a little slower.

And the tuner will adjust the music with the performance of the stage to re-output, in order to let the singer to hear the sound does not change with the tuner's tuning changes, which requires the headphone to listen to the sound to separate the processing and then output.

So, since the music given to the audience and the headphones to hear the music is handled separately, the headphones hear the sound, and the audience hear the sound is not the same! That does not mean that the singer will be wrong with the rhythm?

No, we usually hear the so-called virtual surround, that is, with a certain voice delay, create the effect, so the output delay of the headset does not affect the singer's judgment. But when the sound is simple, the ear is easy to determine the delay of the sound. For example, many singers in the comfort of love songs, or since the singing, they can not help the headphones off, such as Jay Chou have this habit, then rely on those who playback speakers as a monitor. General to sing such a scene is also relatively quiet, not because there is no headphones and interference.

So the stage using the headset is more noise, to exclude the outside interference, but the monitor is still not a good means. Monitor or box the best, even if the singers cheap beats are using the head of the whole field, but also to prepare enough to cover the stage to play loudspeakers to deal with the moment of nonsense, let the singer happy concert.