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Why sound card debugging?

I believe we see the title of this article, you know Xiaobian today and what you share the content? In the text before the start, I simply explain what is the sound card debugging? Many friends will ask, my voice card to buy plug On this question, can only say that half of the half is wrong. Why do you say it, this is because some of the sound card is comes with the effect is not wrong , But some of the sound card is not the effect of the. So what is the sound card belongs to the former. For example, guest thinking, charm, winning MX620, blues such sound card factory, comes with a simple basic effect, Plug in, but the latter, you plug in is no effect, or even no sound, for example, innovative built-in, Aiken or Maya external, then you need to find those professional sound card debugger, to give you DIY sound card debugging.

Sound card driver installed, before you have to clear your sound card, whether there is an original driver, if not you can ignore this step. Download a good official driver file or insert the sound card driver disk, the beats by dre studio default installation can, install the driver in fact for novice friends and It is not difficult, the general friends can operate their own independent, but the innovative built-in sound card installed driver is estimated to be trouble, he is the sub-system version and driver version, will make a lot of friends can not tell in the end which installed in this Xiaobian introduced a very good With the innovative sound card kx drive 3552 speed version. His advantage is that it can be compatible with all systems, to achieve one step speed installation. Very convenient and very practical.

For the front of this step, many friends will, but for the rack effect debugging, this step is more difficult, because the need for personal master audio post-production technology, and you a pair of sensitive ears. Then the problem is not all the sound card Can support the Cheap Beats By Dre rack effect? ??In this simple explanation, it is all the sound card can achieve the rack effect is not wrong, but some sound card rack effect is not very good, such as guest thinking, charm, because he Is the virtual ASIO, will compare the computer resources, and carefully listen to a little delay.On the other hand, if you use the Aiken sound card, song sound card, Maya sound card, equipped with rack effect is very good because it belongs to Hard ASIO sound card. Delay is almost small, and support high quality output. Rack host selection which is good? Because the current host software is very much, here I can only say that is selected, in line with your computer configuration host rack is the best Do not blindly to choose. Such as the SAM rack is very much computer resources, LV is suitable for low configuration computer use. Understand your sound card type and your computer configuration, also choose a good rack, then the next One beats by dr dre step on Is the effect of debugging, and you must, you need to understand the next frame to add order. Noise reduction - incentive - balance - reverb, of course, if you want to add more and Cheap Beats Headphones no problem, it is better to add on the need , Is the most important. Plus more on the computer's CPU operation will be pressure. Add a good plug-in The next step is to adjust the VST effect parameters, adjust the plug-in parameters and not a fixed mode, with your sensitive ears to listen Can be adjusted.