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Why there is metaphysics? Audio test data problems

Xu, evaluation of all IT products inside, the evaluation of audio products is the most difficult, why do you say? Simple reason is that audio involves a subjective use of the problem, and this subjective opinion is difficult to express in digital form. This is why the subjective opinion often accounts for 80% of the time in the audio test. So beats earbuds audio test must not use the data yet? The answer is not necessarily, but it seems that you how to use. In the evaluation of the player, often users criticize the evaluation of the lack of actual data. And such a sound is also present in most forums, after all, the data should be the most objective criteria. So why do we sometimes do not provide such data? Xiao Bian must be lazy? In fact, we still have to go back to the original question: Can you understand the meaning of these data?

Most people have heard about the frequency response curve. From the definition of WIKI, "the frequency response curve is usually used to describe the accuracy of the amplifier and the speaker to reconstruct the audio." To put it simply, if the input frequency And the output frequency is the same, then that is the best "high fidelity" state. So often we have to pursue a device's frequency response curve should be flat enough. What is the validity and reliability? Reliability refers to the consistency, stability and reliability of the test results, generally more than the internal consistency to indicate the reliability of the test. The higher the reliability coefficient, the more consistent, stable and reliable the results of the test. Validity is validity, it refers to the Beats Headphones On Sale measurement tools or means can accurately measure the degree of measurement of things. Validity means that the measured result reflects the extent of the content you want to examine, and the more the measured result matches the content to be inspected, the higher the validity is. For graphics, CPU and other tests, many times we just use a software like 3DMARK can get a relative reference score. For example, A uses the same configuration at home to get a score that is very close to what we measured in the lab. At this time we said the validity of the test software. On the other hand, there will be no significant deviation in the performance of the repetitive tests, so we will call him a high degree of confidence.

But coming to the audio product is not that simple, the only thing you can do with a computer sound card is the RMAA software, which is designed to test your sound card itself and requires a high performance sound card for recording. And useful friends all know, RMAA in adjusting the value of the level of small differences, will result in a difference miles. This led to the software is not suitable for testing other playback devices such as MP3 and amplifier, so this is often very much we will only use this software in the sound card test. The professional measurement tools? There is, for example, APs and B & Ks in the United States are the only equipment owned by a professional manufacturer of headphone audio systems, but the price is often millions of dollars, which the average media can not have. The lack of tools, as well as little knowledge of the data, is a long-standing issue in the audio industry, but also provides a natural hotbed for the production of the metaphysics. Then we have only two ways to go in the end - more to experience and more to enrich the knowledge. The former is a very easy thing for first-tier cities. The latter, the difficulty is equivalent to go to college to study a beats solo science or electrical science and technology. But even engineers sometimes find it hard to answer what parameters have any effect on the sound. This is why all those who play the sound will hang on to that one sentence - to listen to the truth.