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Will you choose headphones? Please be a little better for your headset

Contemporary young people rely on music no less than beats by dre wireless mobile phones, music can send boring time, so whether it is on the way to work, crowded bus and the subway, leisurely lunch break, people will wear headphones to enjoy music, floating in the belong In my own music space However, many people find that wearing earphones for a long period of time can cause red prints cheap beats and pain in their ears. This is caused by the fitting of the earphone and the ear structure, and the unfitted earphones can invade the hearing, therefore, Choose your own ear headphones is essential. Want to enjoy comfortable music anywhere, anytime, in-ear headphones is a good choice. Some headphones due to material problems, wearing a long time, the ear will be painful and other symptoms to "protest" Xiaobian personally tried, personally think that beats by dre the silicone material of the headset basically do not appear the above situation. Headphones shape design will also affect the wearing comfort, Xiaobian is a Yan control, so the choice of headphones will look at the appearance of the first look at the ears and is appropriate, if the light is to wear a comfortable experience, then try to choose with Shark fin structure design, the benefits of shark fin lies in the stability and comfort can be guaranteed to wear, if the silicone material would be better Oh. Headphone sound quality will affect the hearing, and headphones have a good noise reduction effect can greatly enhance the sound quality, care of the ears while enjoying the pleasure of music.

Can ensure that wear flexible, with the wing tip parts, when worn more fit, to further ensure the wearing of solid and comfortable experience, suitable for all day wear. Earplugs with magnetic adsorption capacity, when not in use to prevent the headset tangled, more convenient storage, it will be more convenient to carry. People who love sports will like to have the ability to stabilize the headphones, the headset in the structure of the shark fin design, wear very solid, allowing you to concentrate on exercise, and the use of silicone material, wearing comfort beats earbuds in the long run. Exercise will inevitably sweat, so headphones waterproof and sweat-proof performance is very important, it has IPX4-level waterproof performance, so as to avoid sweat immersion, causing damage to parts, affecting the sound quality. Test the quality of headphones not only look at its sound quality, but also depends on its noise reduction effect. This mini exercise headset with adaptive noise reduction technology, the greater the noise of the outside world its ability to reduce noise, in a noisy environment to create a private hearing space for you and enjoy comfortable listening. It also uses the interface touch design, set the receiver to control the music in one, fingertip operation is simple and convenient.