New Breakthrough Electric Scooter that is Environmentally Friendly, This is the Advantage

VEHICLES that use machines often cause air pollution. For this reason, various new breakthroughs were created to overcome these problems, including this one electric scooter that is environmentally friendly because it is energy efficient. Instead, this electric scooter named rev can be used as the main mode of transportation in carrying out daily activities. This electric scooter is priced at USD 1,599 dollars or around Rp.22 million.

Better than any scooter ever before, the rev scooter has superior usability and specifications. This electric scooter has better driving safety and durability standards. Even so, drivers are still required to wear a helmet to maintain safety while driving.

Not only that, this electric scooter has a variety of other advantages. Here are some of the advantages of the Boosted rev scooter over others as reported by the time page.

1. Environment friendly

Boosted rev is designed with an environmentally friendly concept. This …

4 Tips for Motorbike Daily Care

Motorbike is the most used transportation. Its practical use, easy maintenance, and cost-effective make motorbike chosen by everyone. The advantages possessed by motorbikes make this one transportation for everyday mobility.

So that the condition of the motor remains comfortable, please take care of the motorbike. here are some tips for take care of motorbike:

Regular service

In addition to doing routine checks, you also have to do routine service. Regular service is needed so that a mechanic always monitors the motorbike. Please perform routine service together with oil change. Regular service can be done at Honda motorbikes Wheels. They are a complete dealer that has reliable equipment for your motorbike.

Check electricity

Electricity in a motorcycle is an important thing that you should pay attention to. Generally, electricity means the batteries. For motorbikes that use digital panels and injection, it very relies on stable electricity. Therefore, the battery must …

Tips on making Cars Durable

A car that is routinely used certainly requires maintenance. Everyone surely does not want to experience a car broke down on the road?

Whatever type of car, both automatic and manual cars, require maintenance. regular service must be done to maintain the car always fit and in good condition

Here’s how to take care of your car so that it stays durable:

Regular Oil Check

Generally, in the manual, oil checks are recommended every 10,000 km or six months. But it is better for changing oil is done every 5,000 km if your car experiences traffic every day.

Besides, if the engine feels rough and the oil color has turned black and runny, that is a sign of changing oil.

Tire Pressure Check

Although trivial, tire pressure is significant for safety. Always check the tire pressure at least once a month and before traveling far. Pay attention to the condition …