Diabetes mellitus is not a disease that can be cured. However, having diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t live a normal life. You can stay active in your daily routine as Continue Reading

Diabetes mellitus is not a disease that can be cured. However, having diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t live a normal life. You can stay active in your daily routine as long as you try to keep your blood sugar levels normal. In addition to changing healthier lifestyles, treatment with pills, insulin injections, and natural medicines are also a solution to control symptoms and prevent dangerous complications of diabetes mellitus.

Should diabetics take medication and insulin shots?

Diabetes mellitus is a disease consisting of a collection of symptoms caused by high blood sugar (glucose) levels. Therefore, the main goal of treatment for diabetes is to control blood sugar levels within the normal range, also you can control blood sugar using CBD Oil.

Treatment for diabetics can vary depending on the health condition, the severity of diabetes symptoms, age, the body’s ability to accept drugs, and the type of diabetes you are experiencing.

The main cause of type 1 diabetes is the lack or absence of the production of the hormone insulin which helps the absorption of blood sugar into energy in the body’s cells.

This condition causes type 1 diabetics to undergo treatment with insulin drugs to replace the insulin hormone needed by the body.

Meanwhile, type 2 diabetes is more caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. That’s why, sometimes they don’t need to take medication or insulin shots to lower blood sugar levels.

Treatment for type 2 diabetes with medication or insulin injections is usually given when the results of a diabetes diagnosis show that blood sugar levels are already high. You may also need to take medication when your blood sugar levels don’t drop even after living a healthy lifestyle.

Treatment options for diabetes mellitus

The following are various treatments that are effective in controlling blood sugar levels and preventing complications for diabetics:

Insulin therapy

Insulin therapy is the main treatment for type 1 diabetes mellitus. Insulin itself is a hormone produced in the pancreas. Treatment through insulin is needed when the pancreas is unable to produce insulin.

Reporting from the American Diabetes Association, insulin can also be a treatment option for type 2 diabetes.

Many types of insulin are used to help control sugar levels in the treatment of diabetes. Types of insulin are distinguished based on how fast insulin works and how long insulin can maintain blood sugar levels in the body.

Here are some types of insulin for diabetes mellitus that you need to know.

Direct effect insulin

Direct effect insulin, also called rapid-acting insulin, works very quickly in lowering the body’s blood sugar levels. Usually, this type of insulin works about 15 minutes after injection and can last for 3-5 hours.

Insulin short effect

This type of insulin can lower blood sugar levels relatively quickly, but not as fast-acting insulin. Usually, insulin is given 30-60 minutes before meals. This insulin can maintain normal blood sugar for 5-8 hours.

Long-lasting effect insulin

This type of insulin can work throughout the day. Usually, this insulin is used at night and only requires one injection per day.

Your doctor may ask you to use insulin before or after eating. In addition, the amount of insulin needed for each person can also be different. This is adjusted to your age, patient’s condition, physical activity, and how severe your diabetes is.

Insulin therapy for diabetes is available in several devices with different ways of using insulin and the most common is silk insulin, but you can also use an insulin pen or an insulin pump. Other less common insulin tools are insulin suction, insulin ports, and jet injectors.