Every sport has a prestigious event, from the World Series to Wimbledon. The event which determines the best of the best, you know. It is no different in the sport Continue Reading

Every sport has a prestigious event, from the World Series to Wimbledon. The event which determines the best of the best, you know. It is no different in the sport of racing. To win their career-defining title, drivers from around the world participate in these competitions.

Below are six of the most popular auto races in the world, from NASCAR competition to Formula One.

  1. Monaco Grand Prix

Since 1929, the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix has been run annually at the Circuit de Monaco. The race weaves through the streets of Monaco’s small city, which entails tight corners, shifts in elevation, and tunnels. Formula One, the international racing series, consists of drivers who must have cars that comply with changing rules every year and is the world’s most expensive form of racing. The Monaco Grand Prix is also one of the most difficult courses on tour and takes place over the last weekend of May.

  1. Indianapolis 500

“IndyCar is a form of American open-wheel racing and is” probably the fastest racing series in America, “according to Business Insider. The inaugural race was held in 1911 during Memorial Day weekend. This race consists of 200 laps around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway counterclockwise. Winners usually kiss the brick finish line, since one paved with all bricks was the venus, and a bottle of milk is often offered.

  1. 24 Hours of Le Mans

The 24 Hours of Le Mans, also referred to as the’ Grand Prix of Endurance and Performance,’ was first held in 1923. This makes up the Triple Crown of Motorsport, along with the Indy 500 and the Monaco Grand Prix. On the Circuit de la Sarthe, which is a combination of specialized racing roads and closed public roads, the race is run. The race is held in June, starts in the middle of the afternoon, and ends the next day when the race began.

About 3,110 miles are included in the race. Three drives allow a competing vehicle to drive, allowing the drivers’ time to eat and relax. The rules and regulations have changed over the years to keep the drivers safe due to its specific 24-hour competition.

  1. Daytona 500

The Daytona 500 is NASCAR’s prestigious event and is the first race of the year in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, unlike other sports. In 1959, the inaugural Daytona 500 was held. Located in NASCAR’s birthplace, Daytona Beach, Florida, in late February, the 500-mile long race is run annually. The Daytona 500 still has the biggest purse and the best audience for television. “The Daytona 500 is one of four” restrictor plate “races on the NASCAR calendar, given the long track’s safety and competitive concerns and its famous 31-degree banking in its four corners,” according to thepostgame.com. Richard Petty has the most wins, with Daytona’s seven titles.

  1. Bathurst 1000

This event is held on the Mount Panorama Circuit in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia, in early October. This race started in 1960 as the pinnacle of motorsport in Australia, moving in 1963 to Mount Panorama. The race track is made up of public roads, but along with the sharp turns and narrow roads, its elevation is a challenge for the drivers. Now renamed the Supercars Championship, the V8 supercar series is still a heavily competitive race.

  1. Rally Finland

Rally Finland, known as the Rally Grand Prix, is a rally competition held in Central Finland and is the fastest race in the World Rally Championship. It was first held in 1951 but was modified to a rally format by the late 1950s. It happens during July and August, as opposed to off-road vehicles, with adapted road cars. With big jumps and blind crests, the race is powered on smooth and wide gravel paths. Thousands of people are also attracted to this rally.